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Are you ready to learn the tarot?

Let me show you how to easily and confidently read tarot cards, and perhaps you too can become a professional tarot reader.

If you’re looking for one-to-one tuition to learn the tarot cards, then look no further. My name is Amanda and I’m a professional tarot reader and energy healer based in Liverpool.

One-to-one tarot lessons in Liverpool

No matter what your skill level is, my tarot lessons have been created to teach you how to easily connect with the tarot cards, and confidently conduct a tarot reading.

I offer one-to-one tarot lessons either in person or over the telephone/Internet. My lessons are suitable for beginners.

My teaching style is one of fun and passion. I wholeheartedly believe that your tarot journey should be an EASY adventure of self-discovery. Learning the tarot with me will be very much hands on with some additional tarot exercises to completed in your own time. I also provide a manual that covers everything I show you during your practical tarot lessons.

Learning Objective

Confidently conduct a tarot reading and learn how to read a pack of standard playing cards that will impress those you read for.

If completing the full course, you will obtain a professional looking certificate of completion.

Tarot Course available in two options

My tarot lessons will reveal to you the easy way of conducting a professional tarot reading. I will use my 20+ years of experience to teach you everything you need to know to get you started with learning to read tarot cards. At the end of this tarot course, you will be able to read the tarot confidently, whether it be for professional gain, yourself, friends, or family.

Learn the tarot – Full Course Fast Track

  • Cost: £245
  • Length of session: 2 days
  • Date and time: Will be arranged with you as I’m quite flexible

Single Tarot Lessons

This is ideal for you if you would like to learn at your own pace.

  • Cost: £40 per lesson
  • Length of each session: 60 minutes. First session is 90 minutes.
  • Number of sessions to complete full tarot course: minimum of 8
  • Date and time: Will be arranged with you as I’m quite flexible

Tarot Course Content

Above all, I prefer one-to-one personal tuition as I want you to receive 100% value for your money. Moreover, I have the time to work closely with you so that learning is fun and informative. My passion for teaching and tarot reading is undeniable.

Amanda Norman

Introduction to the Tarot Cards

  • One session to complete

This first learning session will be fun and informative as it will give us both an opportunity to get to know each other and for me to understand your preferred learning style. I will of course introduce you to tarot and discuss the do’s and don’ts of tarot along with its structure. We will also explore the concept of using our intuition.

Tarot Mentor – Learn the Major Arcana

  • Two to three sessions to complete

One-to-one personal tuition to learn the 22 major arcana cards where the fool undertakes an exciting journey and your adventure begins.

Tarot Mentor – Learn the Minor Arcana (excluding court cards)

  • One to two sessions to complete

One-to-one personal tuition to learn the aspects of the minor arcana tarot cards. This will include learning the individual tarot suits and numerology.

Tarot Mentor – Learn the Tarot Court Cards

  • Two sessions to complete

One-to-one personal tuition to learn the court cards of the tarot and their personalities.

Tarot Mentor – Confidently conduct a Tarot Reading

  • One session to complete

Amanda’s style of Tarot

I’ve always instinctively known that a tarot reading is a form of energy healing. You can find out more about ‘energy healing‘ from Wikipedia.

When I first started reading about 25 years ago for friends and family, I could feel the harnessing of positive energy. I was always focused on my querent feeling uplifted, inspired and full of hope. Without a shadow of a doubt, this intention grew stronger the moment I personally turned to it as a form of daily self-therapy following my diagnosis of General Anxiety Disorder.

I was able to turn my life around as I challenged my deep-seated fears. I successfully unlocked my potential that allowed me to follow my dreams. It took a lot of going inwards to find my light during my darkest hours and hand on heart, my shadow-work paid off. From this moment onwards, my calling was to turn professional and help others seeking advice for whatever issue they face.

Today, I’m self-employed doing what I love, tarot reading, energy healing and teaching.

I’m a qualified trainer with a passion to ensure my students learn with enthusiasm.

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