Gemstone, Tarot and Healing

Gemstone, Tarot and Healing

Gemstone, Tarot and Healing

Crystals and wellbeing services in Liverpool

Liverpool Crystals

Passion and magick make Gemstone and Tarot one of the best crystal and occult shops based in Liverpool city centre. Both Amanda and Mark clearly have a passion for the products they sell, and the services they both deliver. Amanda specialises in holistic healing, tarot and crystals whereas Mark specialises in magick and the occult. We specialise in selling an extensive range of magickal and spiritual items both online and direct in-store as well as providing Reiki and tarot readings in store.

Full Moon Magic

Full moon magic is all about a young child who put their wish out to the Universe and it came true bringing them the happiness...
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Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Today's post, Reiki Spiritual Healing, is a collection of my thoughts and feelings associated with giving and receiving a Reiki attunement. Yes, it can be...
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Moon Magic and Healing

Moon Magic and healing is exactly what I'm doing this month. This lunar phase is one of growing my spirituality and reconnecting with my higher...
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Journey of Healing

This is a follow-up to my Living in Fear post, but also my thoughts about my journey of healing. My Journey of Healing You must...
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Living in Fear

I'm feeling emotional as I write this post about how living in fear can stop you from being happy. The sweetest old man in his...
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Reiki Share

Amanda’s Reiki Share is held near Court Hey Park in Liverpool on the third Sunday of each month. A Reiki share offers many benefits and...
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