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Reiki in Liverpool

Reiki in Liverpool is a wonderful, relaxing experience that is good for soothing your emotions and reducing any negative feelings. Receiving Reiki on a regular basis enhances your overall wellbeing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Benefits of a Reiki Treatment

Reiki is deeply relaxing while providing healing energy on a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional plane. Additionally, the main benefits of a Reiki session are as follows: –

  • Reiki works releasing your stresses, which subsequently, if allowed to remain can lead to illness
  • It’s an effective way of creating a high level of well-being thus resulting in balancing your mind and emotions
  • As a result of receiving Reiki, you begin developing a positive attitude
  • Furthermore, Reiki expands your creativity
  • Also enhances your personal growth while increasing your energy
  • Additionally, you will leave feeling wonderfully calm and relaxed
  • Furthermore, Reiki can help you to relieve pain and insomnia
  • Reiki can also speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness
  • Finally, using crystals doubles the healing energy
Reiki with Amanda

Furthermore, Amanda’s Reiki treatments include the following: –

  • Relaxing deepener
  • Crystal therapy
  • Spiritual life coaching
  • Auric cleanse that includes chord cutting
  • Pre and post consultation

Reiki in Liverpool

Please note that the timings below are approximate. In addition, first time Reiki client’s will need to add a further 45 minutes for a one off consultation.

ServiceBowring Park, L16
Reiki with crystals – 90 minutes, crystals is optional£50
Reiki Crystal Spa – 90 minutes. This is Reiki combined with elements of hypnotherapy to provide you with a deep, relaxing crystal meditation£65
Reiki combined with Hypnotherapy – 120 minutes. Perfect for relieving stress, anxiety, menopause symptoms, and building inner strength.£75 per session or £200 for a block of three
Combining Reiki with a general tarot reading – 150 minutes £80 (saving of £20)
Combining Reiki with a Past Life Regression – 150 to 180 minutes£100 (saving of £15)
Combining Reiki with a bespoke crystal healing bracelet – 180 minutesfrom £80
Amanda Norman Reiki Prices

Combine Reiki with a Bespoke Crystal Healing Bracelet

Your bracelet will be a reminder of a beautiful session with fond memories, a wearable symbol of the peace and healing you experienced. Whether you’re facing a new challenge or simply going about your daily routine, a glance at the bracelet on your wrist is enough to transport you back to that place of stillness and healing, reminding you of the beautiful equilibrium you can achieve.

  • From £80
  • All standard bracelets feature .925 silver and ethical crystals. You do have the option of choosing more silver or more expensive beads, which will increase your price. This will be discussed throughout so that you are fully aware of the overall cost.
Custom Gemstone Healing Bracelet

Reiki in Liverpool Location

Reiki in Bowring Park Liverpool

Amanda provides Reiki in Liverpool from her dedicated therapy room. Often clients talk about how calming and peaceful her space is. Please feel free to read her reviews.

Between Broadgreen and Huyton in Liverpool

She is situated between Broadgreen and Huyton in Liverpool, L16. Her address will be provided at the time of booking.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about Amanda’s style of Reiki, please visit her Reiki FAQ page and read about her experiences with Reiki in her journal.

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