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Author: Gary L Wimmer

This book explains in detail how to give psychic readings by interpreting the Pattern formed when a Reader or the Subject of a reading drops Sixteen Stones into a Circle of leather or lace, which represents the environment. Every Pattern is unique, and each reveals - in symbolic form - layer upon layer of information that is read in a clock-like fashion, starting at or near the center of the Circle and reading towards 12 o'clock, then around the Circle with each hour on an imaginary clock representing one week. Readers develop skill at Lithomancy by knowing the symbolism and meaning behind each Stone and the different ways to 'see' a Pattern, then combining that knowledge with intuition to interpret what the Pattern represents. Every person is different, and every Reader will invariably develop a personal style and read from a unique psychic perspective.In general, Lithomancy readings offer insights into many different issues that have or will come up over the next three months: personal, financial, relationships, home, business plans, spiritual issues, unexpected changes, etc. 

Approx. Dimentions 177 x 12 x 254mm
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