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Crystals for Optimism and Hope


Today, I’m going to share with you my favourite crystals for optimism and hope.

Crystals for optimism and hope
Crystals for optimism and hope

Since the onset of COVID, many of us have found ourselves in a state of constant worry. Subsequently, this may have developed into anxiety about your future or sadly in some cases, the onset of depression.

Alas, fear not!

I’ve chosen these crystals especially for their lovely qualities of providing our mental health and wellbeing with feelings of positivity and confidence.

Without a doubt, when we feel optimistic and hopeful, our lives are clearly a lot more exciting and adventurous. Furthermore, we are full of passion for what lies ahead that obviously goes towards improving our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Using crystals for optimism and hope

Clearly, you need to be feeling the effects of the crystals positive energy.

Carrying your crystals or putting them somewhere that you will see often, is my preferred method of getting the most out of them.

I like to place mine on my work desk or on my bedside table. In addition to this, if I feel the need for more of their influence, I will create myself a gemstone healing bracelet especially to wear throughout my day.

Wearing crystals in the form of jewellery is without doubt a powerful statement. Furthermore, you can touch it at any point of the day, no matter where you are and repeat an affirmation.

I pour lots of intentional energy into the gemstone healing bracelets that I lovingly create for clients. As well as that, I also provide a card with an affirmation to repeat. Visit my bracelet page for further information and also find out how I can create one especially for you.

Affirmations and crystals

When we want to change or improve an aspect of ourselves, affirmations are unquestionably, a powerful method of achieving it.

An affirmation is a true statement that reflects how you feel or how you want to feel.

Repeatedly saying an affirmation can program your mind into believing it. This is because your mind doesn’t know the difference between real life or fantasy. Importantly, a good affirmation is one that you clearly believe in. Obviously, this will provide you with optimism and hope.

My selection of crystals for optimism and hope


Pyrite an abundance of positive energy and wealth
Pyrite an abundance of positive energy and wealth

Pyrite and its bright golden tones can power you on to achieve your dreams. In addition, it’s an amazing crystal to inspire your creativity and fill you with positive feelings for your future.

Affirmation – I see all opportunities ahead of me and I have an abundance of positive energy and wealth.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz provides feelings of hope
Rose Quartz provides feelings of hope

The soft loving tones of Rose Quartz can fill your heart with feelings of hope, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. Furthermore, its loving energy can work on dissolving any deep rooted feelings of fear that will subsequently, free you up to give and receive love freely.

Affirmation – I have an abundance of love in my heart to give and receive freely.


Amazonite to find your inner strength
Amazonite to find your inner strength

Amazonite is such a beautiful crystal to provide you with feelings of peace, calm and serenity. In addition to this, Amazonite helps by balancing the energy of your mind, body, and soul. Indeed, when in this relaxed state, you will be able to find your inner strength.

Affirmation – When I feel inner peace, I know who I am and what I am worthy of.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite to help you achieve your best
Rainbow Fluorite to help you achieve your best

Undoubtedly, this is a powerful crystal that can assist you with soothing your overthinking mind. In addition, it can also provide you with balance of heart and mind that can aid you in making the right decision. Last but not least, with this crystal in your life, it can help you to achieve your personal best.

Affirmation – I clearly envision my future and I have an abundance of optimism.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake to bring reason and logic
Snowflake to bring reason and logic

When your mind is all over the place, it’s obviously not a good time to be making decisions. The energy of Snowflake Obsidian can also provide balance of heart and mind, but in addition to this, it can also help provide you with courage and the determination you need, to never give up hope.

Affirmation – I never give up and I never lose hope.


Unakite helps you to remain present
Unakite helps you to remain present

The soft hues of salmon and green can help renew your heart with hope and transformation. Along with this, it helps you to focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the future or something in the past.

Affirmation – I am worthy of an abundance of happiness.

Mookaite (yellow)

Mookaite to build your confidence
Mookaite to build your confidence

Mookaite is known for its soothing and calming energies. Yellow Mookaite in particular, resonates with your solar plexus chakra that provides feelings of confidence.

Affirmation – My level of understanding is constantly growing, and I feel great.


Lepidolite calms your mind
Lepidolite calms your mind

This beautiful stone with hues of lilac and white assists by calming your mind, which will help you to see beyond your current situation. Solving problems is easier with Lepidolite and when you’re thinking clearly, hope for your future will grow.

Affirmation – When I’m calm, I think clearly. When I think clearly, I love life.


Sunstone balances your emotions
Sunstone balances your emotions

Last but not least, Sunstone is a stunning crystal that can aid with balancing your emotions, building your self-esteem, and firing your creativity. The energy of sunstone can fill your heart and belly with feelings of hope and confidence.

Affirmation – I am creating my future with an abundance of positive energy.

Buying crystals for Optimism and Hope

Finally, did you know that I also own a crystal shop where you can purchase all the beautiful crystals featured here?

Gemstone and Tarot is situated in Liverpool city centre.


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