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Principles of Reiki


Affirming these 5 principles of Reiki everyday, will help us enhance our mental health and well-being. Read on to find out more..

Dr Usui (1865 – 1926), founder of Usui Reiki, created the five principles of Reiki as a form of improving our happiness and well-being. Undoubtedly, understanding and reciting these 5 reiki principles daily, will help you to remember them.

I have found that since I adopted these principles, my life has become a lot more balanced. I’m not as stressed as I used to be, and my anxiety is under control.

The Five Principles of Reiki – Let go of Anger

The first reiki principle is to let go of anger as it doesn’t serve you well.

Anger can be destructive and if we don’t let go of it, we are storing negative energy deep within our bodies that leads to stress. If not released, this can possibly lead to physical illness. It’s a waste of one’s energy being angry and unfortunately, your emotions are controlling you. Furthermore, in this state, you cannot think or act clearly, and you run the risk of making things a lot worse than they are.

Clearly, we need to quickly recognise the negative qualities of anger and what it is doing to our body. Some people start to raise their voice, go red and some even shake.

If we learn to spot the signs of anger building, we have the option of pausing and walking away. This will avoid things getting worse. Conflict and shouting to get your point heard is not the answer.

Above all, it’s far better to stop yourself from getting to this stage by pausing and remaining calm. Constructive dialogue rather than things spinning out of control is the preferred approach, and the best option for achieving resolution. If you remain calm, so do others.

I will let go of worry

As above with anger, unnecessary worry will lead to our body storing negative energy. This subsequently, blocks the flow of natural healing energy from the Universe. More importantly, we lose control of our minds causing us to act irrationally.

At one time I was worrying a lot and it led to me developing General Anxiety Disorder. I’m fully aware of how debilitating life is when you have no control over your thoughts.

Take control of your worrying by facing your issue head on. This is not a time for putting it off or avoiding it as your original problem isn’t going anywhere. Do not worry today and instead, deal with it!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help because a problem shared is a problem halved.

I will do my work honestly

This is about you and how you live your life, and more importantly, how you value yourself and others.

Work in this case doesn’t refer solely to your employment, it’s about how you grow your dreams, what you think and feel about them, and what you learn along the way, good or bad.

Each day is a new day and if you reflect and focus on the positive aspects, even when the going is tough, you will harness valuable knowledge.

This allows you to be positive in every aspect of your being. Not only will you ooze positive energy to everyone you meet, you will also attract positivity into your life.

If we go against values because of fear, we are not being honest with ourselves.

Feeling an abundance of love, passion and creativity is paramount for a healthy mind, body, and soul. You can achieve this by doing your work honestly.

Be grateful for all my blessings

Sometimes it’s extremely easy to forget the abundance you already have.

We take a lot of things for granted such as a roof over our head and our ability to dress ourselves in the morning and smile.

Think about the essential qualities in life that keep you and yours alive, and you will begin to understand what I mean. I would also reflect on what put a smile on your face in the last 24 hours, and how it made you feel. It doesn’t matter how small the gesture was.

Being grateful for your blessings and showing gratitude every day will improve your mental health and well-being.

Today, we are always looking for more, comparing ourselves with others that results in a lot of unhappiness.

  • Listening to the birds singing this morning made me feel happy
  • I’m grateful for Mark taking me to the river, which when calm I find to be peaceful
  • I love listening to the gentle waves lapping the sand
  • I’m grateful for the phone call off my granddaughter who simply asked how I was doing. She always puts a smile on my face
  • I’m grateful for the sun and the power it provides to sustain my life

Gratitude is an emotion and a way of life, not just a thank you.

Amanda Norman

Be kind to every living thing

We are just one in this vast universe and it’s important to understand how interconnected we are.

If we show love and respect for all living things, we will create a world of love and respect. This occurs when we understand the impact of our thoughts and feelings on ourselves and others.

So, just for today, we need to be kind to every living thing.

Principles of Reiki Summary

I hope that I inspire you to take up the principles of Reiki. I do believe that it will help you feel a lot more content with who you are.

Understanding our worth and knowing our place are some of the additional benefits you will receive when adopting these principles.

More about Reiki

My Reiki journal is a collection of my thoughts and musings about my experiences of giving, and receiving Reiki. Please click here to view my Reiki Journal.

Secondly, it’s my goal to promote the beauty of natural energy healing, and I hope that I inspire you. I also encourage my Reiki students to journal about their experiences as it’s a beautiful method of expanding our knowledge.

If you would like to book a Reiki treatment, please visit my Reiki in Liverpool page. I also have a Reiki FAQ page and if you would like to be attuned to Reiki, please visit my Reiki training page.

Amanda is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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