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Embrace your challenges


Why should you embrace your challenges?

Here I talk frankly about a recent experience of facing a difficult challenge and the benefits that I received from it. It’s just one of my many life coaching tips and if you’re looking for assistance, please do get in touch.

Embrace your challenges and grow
Embrace your challenges and grow

We all have challenges to face on a regular basis. Some challenges can be exciting and inspiring whilst other challenges can be extremely difficult.

Yesterday I was faced with a challenge that really tested my resolve and patience. I found the conversation extremely difficult and at one point, I wanted to stop it altogether and retreat.

I found myself feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. My EGO was in full swing trying to do its best to steer me away with the following comments: –

  • This is a wind up!
  • Something bad is going to happen to you.
  • You’re so far out of your depth right now, who are you kidding?
  • Don’t you wish this would end right now?

The longer I procrastinated, the more overwhelmed I became until finally I took control.


Upon reflection, I know that at one time I would have been very abrupt, and I would have ended it with anger. I would have allowed my emotions to get the better of me, and I would have snapped in order to protect myself, which in hindsight I didn’t require.

Thankfully I persevered yesterday and as a result, I GREW my inner strength.

Benefits of embracing challenge

This is why I recommend embracing negative challenges because how would you transform and increase your skills and confidence?

Another lesson I learned from yesterday’s experience is that I faced my fear of failure. To be honest, if I didn’t maintain a self-care routine I wouldn’t have paused for a breather.

This is an excellent example of the phrase, ‘it’s OK not to be OK.’ I was certainly not OK, but I challenged myself and I learned so much from it.

In summary, none of us are perfect and we will never be perfect.
It’s our choice to be in a positive or a negative mindset. When challenged with a negative experience, it’s important that you pause and reflect. Breathing deep, cleansing breaths, a minimum of three, will help you do this.

Crystals to help you embrace your challenges

Septarian is Amanda's I can do it crystal!
Septarian is Amanda’s I can do it crystal!

There are many crystals to help you embrace your challenges, but my absolute favourite is Septarian. Find out here why Septarian is my ‘I can do it‘ crystal.

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