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The Reiki Flow
Life Coach

The Flow of Reiki

My latest journal features my progress with using the flow of Reiki to manifest my goals. Firstly, I cannot express enough how exciting and revealing

I am a survivor

Journey of Healing

This is a follow-up to my Living in Fear post, but also my thoughts about my journey of healing. My Journey of Healing You must

Stop living in fear

Living in Fear

I’m feeling emotional as I write this post about how living in fear can stop you from being happy. The sweetest old man in his

Balsamic Moon

Balsamic Moon Reflections

Join me now as I reflect on my month of moon magic with the energy of the Balsamic moon. Balsamic Moon Reflection The Balsamic Moon

Anxiety Coach Amanda Norman

Managing Anxiety

Presently, I’m struggling with feelings of fear and self-doubt however, I am managing anxiety. There’s no escaping that life is becoming a challenge right now.

desire versus fear
Life Coach

Desire versus Fear

Today, I’m reminded of the importance of not allowing anxiety to steer me away from my heart’s desire. These cards foretell a period of desire

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