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Manifesting with Spirit Quartz


If you’re a regular follower of mine, you will know how I love to meditate with crystals. During my latest crystal meditation, I discovered the power of manifesting with Spirit Quartz.

Manifest with Spirit Quartz
Manifest with Spirit Quartz

The power of manifesting with Spirit Quartz is something else.

Since tweaking my method of meditating with crystals, I have found it a lot easier to connect with their energy. I’m also proud to offer this as a service should you wish to experience the magic of crystals.

So what did I discover about Spirit Quartz?

Manifesting with Spirit Quartz

Firstly, the Earthy energy of this particular piece of Spirit Quartz gave me feelings of inner strength. I immediately thought of myself feeling wonderfully grounded and 100% strong on my own two feet.

What’s more important though, is the feeling that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Obstacles can be easily overcome, and if I need to set an intention, I need to be holding Spirit Quartz.

So, the question is, how would I use Spirit Quartz to manifest my dreams?

How to Manifest

To begin with, your intention or idea of what you want to create has to be 100% believable. You have to live as though you are living the lifestyle, or you have what it is that you desire. If you feel its truly obtainable and if it’s for your highest good, the Universe will deliver.

This isn’t mumbo jumbo!

I know as I have manifested my dream.

We’ve all been manifesting what we feel and believe since early childhood. What we feel is what we attract and it’s as simple as this. Like attracts like!

Of course, it’s not easy to do as we set ourselves up with personal stumbling blocks. We may tell ourselves that it will never happen, or we may believe that we’re not good enough. Spirit Quartz will help alleviate such fears.

Spirit Quartz is deeply inspiring. Its accumulation of growth is a sign of its power to go forth with an abundance of energy.

Hold it close to your heart and infuse its base with your intention. Believe in your capability, believe in yourself, and project your intention out to the Universe. The power of Spirit Quartz will carry it far.

Manifesting with Spirit Quartz and Moon Magic

Last but not least, meditate and visualise yourself living your dream. Of course, I recommend holding your Spirit Quartz while doing this. Also, do this on the night of a New Moon. Use the moon’s energy to grow your dreams.

If you would like me to mentor you with manifesting your dreams and goals, take a look at my aMOONda sessions.

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