Meditating with Obsidian

Meditating with Obsidian

Meditating with Obsidian was an adventure and a wonderful escape from the chaos surrounding me.

Meditating with Obsidian
Meditating with Obsidian

Honestly, I highly recommend that you start meditating with crystals so that you too can go on your very own adventure and learn something new.

I’m currently experiencing a toxic relationship with someone close to me and who I love dearly.

All week the Tarot cards have been telling me the trouble that I’m facing and this morning, I drew the Tower card. My only solace is that after today, things can’t get any worse. I do however need patience as the truth is about to unfold, but what is hiding in the shadows?

My intuition was telling me to choose a crystal to help me get through this difficult time and Obsidian came to mind.

Why choose Obsidian?

I’ve always sought comfort in Obsidian when my anxiety plays up, but I’ve never understood why. It’s an exceptionally good stone for protection and repelling negative energy, but I forgot that people use it for scrying. It certainly took me on an adventure and left me brimming with creativity.

I now know why Obsidian is the stone for chaos and anxiety. It’s also excellent in aiding a meditation journey.

I was at the coast looking into the dark eye of a seagull, which turned into a crow. Don’t ask me why as I don’t know, but I’ve always had a thing for crows. Currently, my favourite tarot deck is the, ‘The Murder of Crows’ as it resonates so deeply with me.

Meditating with Obsidian

The sun was sitting low on the horizon, casting its amber glow across the waters still surface as we flew and floated so effortlessly. I felt incredibly safe and snuggled in his black feathers as I nestled in deep, fully protected.

My mind was free of chaos. I was just me and I loved every minute of it.

As the moon took her place, all the stars appeared and twinkled like diamonds. It was a reminder of how the Universe looks out for me.
I smiled as the day turned to night and realised that it was a reminder that things come and go. All will be well soon.

Finally, I never for one minute considered Obsidian would increase my creativity. I created the image you see above from my photography and I even wrote a poem. If you find it to be rubbish, please forgive me, but honestly, I’m in awe with my escapism today.

They say that meditation is a form of healing and that a crystal doubles that healing energy.

What are YOU waiting for?

Please get in touch if you would like help with meditating with a crystal.

Said the bird with the Obsidian Eye

Come fly with me, said the bird with the Obsidian eye.
Leave your troubles behind and still your mind.
Upon the breeze, we floated with ease.
High above the sea, with no anxieties.
Together we caught the last of his rays, before she cast her loving gaze.
Beautiful and calm, I knew I would come to no harm.
For things come and go, just like the waters ebb and flow.
Release the pain and with me fly.
Said the bird with the Obsidian eye.