Past Life Tarot Reading

Past Life Tarot Reading

My first past life tarot reading.

My first past life tarot reading is taking me on an exciting adventure. The insight I am currently gaining is incredible. Furthermore, it is providing me with a sense of worth as I begin understanding karma and its effects.

So, allow me to show you how such a reading unfolds and the adventure that can also await you.

Past life regression is a practice that delves into the concept of previous life experiences. It is considered by some to be a way to deepen one’s spiritual journey. Also, you can confront and alleviate the fear that there may not be life after death. By exploring past lives, individuals can gain insights into their current experiences, identify patterns, and potentially heal from past traumas. As a trained past life regressionist, I can assist people with experiencing a past life regression using hypnosis. Today, I am working with the Tarot.

Past Life Tarot Reading

Firstly, the two cards representing who I was in a past life, are the Queen of Wands and The Devil. This is such a wicked combination that offers so many exciting possibilities. Of course, the most daring side of me would love to rush in with a tale of temptation and seduction at its best! Alas, no, I shall be real about this and draw upon the other card, which is Justice.

The Queen of Wands paired with The Devil

Sasha Graham in her wonderful book, Tarot Original 1909, talks about witchcraft. Justice represents our inner code of morality and whatever energy we put out, we will gain three-fold. Are our actions just?

What or who was I?

I really believe that these cards are indicating that witchcraft was in my past however, this does not surprise me. Thankfully, it is only a matter of time that my family tree will link me to Ann Whittle, Old Chattox. She was one of the Pendle Witches and no, I don’t believe they were witches.

In addition, I believe that if I was alive in the 17th century, I would most definitely be accused of witchcraft due to my current practices of Reiki, tarot reading and of course, past life regression. Furthermore, I understand the benefits and see the results of working with the elements. Last, but not least, I have one big birthmark on my stomach.

Whenever I see the wonderful Queen of Wands, I think witch! With water and fire harmoniously working together, she can manifest success. Furthermore, her sensuality is captivating and paired with The Devil is mind blowing. Temptation can make you a prisoner of your own devices and a clever person will know this and harness it to their advantage. Therefore, I do not like admitting this, but I am getting a negative feeling about myself in a past life. There’s no doubt in my mind that I was someone of immense power, especially looking at the surrounding cards.

Was I a witch or was I a witch hunter?

The card of Justice can be a just person who was very much all about the truth but, if reversed, very much the opposite. In addition, Justice is the card of Karma and it is remarkable that she presents herself here. In my current life, am I now righting an injustice done on my part therefore freeing my true identity?

I very much believe in the phrase, ‘be your authentic self‘ and it has taken me a long time to be my true self.

Justice is also the card for Librans and of course, I am a Libran.

How Did I Die in this Past Life Tarot Reading?

The Four of Swords in my past life tarot reading

The Four of Swords initially provides me with a sense of peace and calm therefore, not suffering a painful death. Did, someone fight to clear my name, or was I fighting for justice?

As I build my story, I believe that I may not have died in peace, especially if I am righting karma.

Without a doubt, I will put it all together in my summary below. Of course, if a positive aspect is to be read, I would have died in peace. Perhaps, I am buried in a chapel like the card’s image, which would denote a very just and high status.

Additionally, I am missing one important fact here. If indeed I am an ancestor of Old Chattox, I did not die in peace. Far from it!

What is my lesson for this life?

The Six of Cups is representing my lesson for this life.

It is true that I have performed a lot of healing work in connection with my childhood. Thankfully, I have really fond memories of my grandad telling me that I am an ancestor of a witch. Fantasy or not, I love the feeling of remembering a good and peaceful time.

Life is difficult sometimes and only the other day, Mark asked me why I only tend to focus on the bad times from my childhood instead of the good times. Indeed, I did have good times!

I cannot allow the injustices of others to keep on ruining my life! Karma?

The Six of Cups is my lesson in this life

What have I learned already?

The High Priestess and my past life tarot reading

Without a shadow of doubt, The High Priestess confirms my ever increasing psychic abilities. Indeed, I have always been aware of my hidden talents, ever since childhood and no wonder the Six of Cups came before this card.

As a child, I played a game of leaving my body and sinking down through the mattress to lie on the dusty floor. Admittedly, I wasn’t rising upwards, however, I was well aware that we could leave our physical body. In addition, I always sensed someone watching me when going downstairs, which did frighten me at such a young age. I must have been about six or seven years old.

Also, I found out last year that both of my great grandmothers were outwardly practicing their psychic abilities.

Currently, I am in the process of reconnecting with my soul, the very essence of who I am. I most definitely know how I fell apart with the diagnosis of general anxiety disorder. Since then, I continue working on my shadow self and I do wonder if in this lifetime we can fully reconnect with our soul?

Most definitely you can during a deep relaxing state however, this for me is always temporary. I am also aware that there is no such thing as perfection and I am happy not to strive for it. I do feel a sense of loss though sometimes and all I have is my feeling that there is more to life. The magic of life is most certainly there for experiencing and the High Priestess embodies this knowing for me. One of my most used affirmations is, ‘I trust in the magic of the Universe and I go with the flow‘.

What more do I need to learn?

There are so many major arcana cards in my reading and they are pretty much suggesting something in its infancy. It is more than likely my journey in developing my awareness and spirituality. Most definitely, I started early 2018, which is approximately 5 to 6 years ago.

Therefore, the beginning of my future life starts with me creating it. With the knowledge gained through this reading alone, I most certainly have everything I need right now. It’s just a case of me blending and putting together the pieces to create my magic. This is nothing new to me!

The Magician and Past Life Regression

Past Life Tarot Summary

The Emperor is all about CONTROL

Here comes the element of FIRE again!

If we harness fire well, it signifies REBIRTH and power. For this to happen, we need to be in control of our thoughts and feelings. I most definitely need to go with the flow and perhaps ease up some more when I feel like I am losing control. Thankfully, at least I am aware of what I am doing.

There is a lot left for me to do in this life and I have to be true to myself, and my past life. Too much fire and I will burn out and I am not allowing that to happen to me again therefore, I must sustain my self-care routine and be disciplined.

Also, I feel that I am only touching the surface of my past life tarot reading as there is so much information in these cards, yet to be revealed. So, without further a do, I will continue exploring.