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Feeling Disconnected with Reiki

Feeling disconnected with Reiki?

Feeling disconnected with Reiki?

You are not alone and believe it or not, I too was once experiencing a disconnection.

Most certainly, in the beginning, I had my doubts about Reiki. Furthermore, I was struggling with self-Reiki for a long time following my attunement.

Feeling disconnected with Reiki, especially following your investment of time and money isn’t a great feeling. However, you can regain that connection together with the advantage of inner healing. Once attuned to Reiki, you never lose it!

Without a doubt, I continue growing my wisdom while bringing balance and harmony into my life.

So, without further a do, allow me to explain where I went wrong. As a result, learning from my lessons will strengthen your journey of Reiki.

Learning Reiki

To begin with, I am presuming that you are either thinking of learning Reiki or that you have already received your Reiki attunement.

Reiki holistic training

You will find lots of information by visiting my Learn Reiki website if you wish to learn Reiki. In addition, investing in the correct Reiki Master for your journey is essential for your success. Therefore, my Reiki Journal together with this post will help you to make your choice. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

My journey with Reiki, mistakes and all

Originally, Reiki found me during my recovery from General Anxiety Disorder and depression.

Thankfully, I 100% know that Reiki most certainly assisted me with my inner healing. However, there came a point whereby my feelings about Reiki became weak. I’m not sure how else to describe it right now. I most definitely felt disconnected from Reiki. Funnily enough, when providing Reiki to others, I never doubted it. My goal of doing Reiki full-time as a new career was a priority.

Mistake number one is believing that Reiki had fixed me.

I was most certainly more trusting in my intuition and I was well aware of my life changing for the better. As a result, challenging my fears came easy and the rebuilding of my life was going well. This is the reason for believing I was ‘fixed‘.

Secondly, mistake number two is focusing solely on growing my experience of giving Reiki to others.

I intended to become self-employed and gain confidence hence, concentrating the practice of Reiki on other people. More importantly, at this time my self-care routine didn’t include a regular practice of self-Reiki. Whilst remaining in a full-time career, the opportunity to provide Reiki to others didn’t come easy. Worse still, I didn’t make time to attend Reiki shares that my master teacher hosted on a weekly basis.

Simply put, my Reiki attunement had turned into a ‘quick-fix‘ without me knowing!


Reflection and introspecting on a regular basis brings so many benefits however, I am currently feeling uneasy while writing this journal. Fortunately, this reality for me is a part of my healing journey and it can be yours too?

My reasons for feeling disconnected with Reiki

Mistake number one is not including Reiki in my self-care routine.

Fundamentally, I was not understanding the primary aspect of Reiki, which is to develop and sustain a spiritual practice. Assisting others comes secondary and I’m sure that you know the saying, you cannot pour from an empty cup?

If you do not feel the healing energy , how can you successfully maintain a beautiful flow of Universal energy?

With Reiki, you are reconnecting with your soul and therefore achieving feelings of love, peace, and oneness. You can refer to it as a ‘coming home‘, providing you with security, strength, confidence and clear thinking. Moreover, you are cleansing your mind, body, and soul of all rubbish that muddies it, which brings much needed inner peace.

Reiki and your self-care

This is why in Reiki Degree One (Shoden), we are strongly encouraged to adopt a self-care programme that incorporates the use of Reiki. Of course, you are told to perform your self-healing each day for a period of 21 days in total. This is necessary to assist with your self-healing following your attunement. However, what do you do following this?

Sadly, I didn’t incorporate Reiki into my existing self-care routine, which consisted of journaling, being creative, and practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grasp the importance of it therefore, arriving at the point of feeling disconnected. Work life stress and pressures became more important, and well, treading water would be a good analogy to use. In this scenario, three months waiting till my second attunement arrived so quickly. I remember vividly thinking, ‘is doing level two of Reiki worth the money‘?

Of course, I chose to do this as my intuition was screaming with me to do so. Moreover, I always ask for guidance, protection, and healing when doing my spiritual work hence, my intuition growing stronger. I’m glad that some elements of Reiki Degree One were ingrained in me.

Reiki Love
Reiki love

Differing learning styles

Upon further introspection, my high stress levels while learning how to manage my anxiety, affected my original training. My mind was racing and I was prone to zoning out therefore, missing out on information. Fortunately, this is why some elements of Reiki training stuck with me and allowed me to recognise the improvement I was making following my first attunement.

Remember, Reiki is always with you once attuned and I had no doubt what so ever that the Universe was looking out for me!

Feeling disconnected with Reiki ends here

To feel that connection with Reiki return, include practicing it into your daily self-care routine. Following my simple tips below will help you to see a difference. Let me know how you get on with it.

On a regular basis, commit to the following: –

  • Performing self-Reiki
  • Attend a Reiki share. You get so much encouragement and inspiration from doing so.

Summarising feeling disconnected with Reiki

Healing begins with you and your self-practice and it is easy to lose track especially if you are on a healing journey already. Unfortunately, this ‘quick-fix‘ society does get to us all at some point. However, Mikao Usui knew the importance of cultivating a spiritual practice, which in turns brings healing.

Currently, I’m researching Mikao Usui and his traditional Reiki and I’m finding it so interesting. I now appreciate how westernised Reiki is from its traditional roots and now, I fully grasp the importance of using it daily. Healing begins with you and your spiritual journey of enlightenment. To feel that reconnection, the daily practice of Reiki delivers!

On a final note, my journey with Reiki will always continue growing and my intuition told me that you needed to read this.


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