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Pink Opal Love


There are times when we all need some gentle nurturing of our soul and Pink Opal certainly provides this and more.

Pink Opal Love
Pink Opal Love

Often referred to as ‘The stone of resolution‘, Pink Opal is a stone that unlocks your heart chakra and when I was meditating with it, I felt an enormous sense of love, and protection.

Meditating with Pink Opal

Holding this crystal and closing my eyes instantly felt like I was smothering myself with the softest, most cosiest fluffy blanket that made me feel safe.

When meditating with any crystal, I always recommend that you study its colours and textures carefully before you focus on it with your third eye. It just makes the process of picturing it so much easier.

With Pink Opal, I visualised the layers of grey, pink, and white and I felt myself sinking deeper, and deeper. It wasn’t long until I was looking upon myself with the King of Cups by my side. He always appears by my side when I need to feel nurtured.

The King of Cups

I connect deeply with the King of Cups and Pink Opal has made me realise why.

Inwardly, I’m full of love to give but outwardly, it doesn’t come easily. My self-imposed barriers have been up for an exceptionally long time, and there’s no quick fix when it comes to letting your guard down.

Recognising this as a problem though, is always a positive step in the right direction.

As I tell many of my clients, the first step is facing your fear if you want healing to occur.

As a result, life gets easier and more magical. Trust me, I know as doors continue opening up for me and I no longer turn into a rigid lamppost when I’m hugged. 🙂

Pink Opal and Boundaries

Pink Opal gives me the courage to go forward and to put the correct boundaries in place. Boundaries created from fear simply hold me back in life.

The boundaries I need are for self-preservation. This includes no longer saying yes to something that I know will cause me heartache. Another boundary is no longer giving up on my self-love and nurture to look after others. I come first!

Everyone’s boundaries are different and personal, but this crystal gives me the courage and protection to open my heart. It’s certainly beneficial if you have emotional trauma that you want to heal from.

The Stone of Resolution

Finally, it’s no wonder Pink Opal is referred to as the stone of resolution.

You really MUST treat yourself to a piece of Pink Opal when you see it. Simply hold it and you will feel the loving and beautiful energy this stone provides. We have pieces of it in store now at Gemstone and Tarot starting at £1.

Crystal Healing with Amanda

One last thing, if you’re looking for crystal healing, specifically one to assist you with releasing trauma, or growing self-love, speak to me today about crystals to heal your past. If you’re having crystal Reiki with me, ask for Pink Opal to be used and you too can feel the energy of love.


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