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Three Diamonds of Reiki: Enhancing Your Practice


Understanding the Three Diamonds of Reiki is fundamental to deepening your practice. These three core concepts, known as Heaven Ki, Earth Ki, and Heart Ki, form a triad that supports the flow of energy in Reiki. Despite their importance, few Reiki practitioners and even some Reiki masters are fully acquainted with these principles. This journal entry aims to shed light on the Three Diamonds of Reiki and how they can enhance your practice.

The Three Diamonds

Introduction to The Three Diamonds of Reiki

Polishing your diamonds is more than a metaphor; it represents the continuous effort to clear away the ‘mud’ that collects over time, dulling our senses and spiritual clarity. This mud can be seen as negative energy, stress, or any form of emotional blockages. When you polish your diamonds, you are essentially removing these obstructions, and allowing your inner light to shine brighter, and your energy to flow more freely.

Mikao Usui was a Shugendo practitioner and he would have been well aware of this Japanese form of cosmology. 

Heaven Ki: The Divine Connection

Heaven Ki represents the celestial energy that flows from the universe. It is the divine connection that Reiki practitioners tap into during their practice. By aligning with Heaven Ki, you can channel universal energy to promote healing and spiritual growth. 

Techniques such as meditation and visualisation can help strengthen your connection to Heaven Ki, allowing you to access higher vibrational energies. So too can the practice of Hatsurei Ho and Kokyu Ho. Both of which I teach my students.

Earth Ki: Grounding and Stability

Earth Ki is the grounding force that connects us to the physical world. This energy provides stability and a sense of rootedness, essential for maintaining balance during Reiki sessions. Practicing grounding exercises, like deep breathing and mindful walking, can enhance your connection to Earth Ki. This grounding helps ensure that the energy you channel is balanced and effective.

Heart Ki: The Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

Heart Ki acts as the intermediary between Heaven Ki and Earth Ki. It is the personal energy that each practitioner brings to their Reiki practice. 

Cultivating Heart Ki involves self-awareness, emotional balance, and personal development. By nurturing your Heart Ki, you become a more effective conduit for the universal energies, facilitating a harmonious flow between Heaven and Earth.

Integrating the Three Diamonds of Reiki into Your Practice

To integrate the Three Diamonds of Reiki into your practice, start by setting a clear intention to connect with each energy. 

  1. Sitting comfortably, place your hands over your tantiem, approximately 8cm below your naval
  2. Slowly through your nose, breathe in to your tantiem allowing your stomach to balloon outwards. This is where you can build and store Reiki
  3. On your outbreath, focus on Reiki flowing through your crown chakra and connecting with source energy
  4. Focus on the flow of energy, down to your tantiem, releasing all tension
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 another two times
  6. Gently place your hands over your Heart Ki and focus on the flow of energy, through your Heart Ki. Do this for as long as it takes knowing that you are aligning your energy with the Universe
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 4
  8. Give thanks for the wisdom and love of the Universe

Regularly practice techniques that enhance your alignment with Heaven Ki, ground you with Earth Ki, and develop your Heart Ki. By doing so, you’ll create a balanced, powerful flow of energy that can significantly enhance your Reiki practice.

A Trio of Practices with The Three Diamonds with Reiki Women Podcasts

In closing, I highly recommend listening to the Three Women Podcasts and their discussion about The Three Diamonds.


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