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Have you ever tried meditating with Black Moonstone during the Balsamic Moon?

If not, you might be missing out on a truly transformative experience.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is a powerful crystal known for its ability to connect with the energy of the New Moon thus, making it an ideal companion for introspection and setting intentions. However, my intuition drew me to it during the Balsamic Moon phase. As a result, unique insights and guidance is assisting me with navigating the ebb and flow of life.

Learning to Go With the Flow

I don’t think I am alone with worrying about my future, especially when thinking of my business. Afterall, we have just lost our shop and unfortunately, this was out of our control. All around me and I’m seeing lots of shops closing down and towns are becoming alien places. Of course, this leaves Mark and I feeling apprehensive about our future however, I’m continually being reminded about how I felt back when I decided to go self-employed.

Previously, I knew nothing at all and I boldy set forth with my moon magic, and love of crystals. As a result, I most certainly have wisdom on my side as well as a dream house.

One of my biggest lessons upon reflection is not allowing myself to be guided fully by my intuition. I knew the market was a negative space and I should have committed myself to working outside of it long before the council closed the whole market down.

Life is continually evolving and I keep on telling myself to go with the flow. Sometimes, this is easier said than done but I need to release all doubt. Right now, it’s a crazy world that we are living in and we all need to remain grounded.

My Reason for Choosing to Meditate with Black Moonstone During the Balsamic Moon

Black Moonstone was my choice of crystal to use during the Balsamic Moon phase, which is three days prior to a New Moon.

The Moon governs your feelings and I do feel that my future is bright but when I try and focus on what I should be doing, my mind goes blank. As a result, I’m in the dark with nothing but my feelings guiding me to the light. Hence, choosing Black Moonstone!

Thankfully, my intuition is strongy guiding me forward and reflection is a powerful cure of late.

Presently, I am reminded of the inner battle that threatened to consume me at the end of 2019. My heart or soul was pleading for a new adventure with going self-employed, and essentially following my calling. On the other hand, my inner critic was raising Hell while trying to save me from making the biggest mistake of my life. Thankfully, my days of being scared of failing are weak and yes, I’m admitting that there’s a hint of failure remaining.

Currently, I find myself back in that same position. With losing our shop, things have dramatically changed, including our source income. Yet strangely enough, I know that I must go with the flow and that the Universe will offer me protection. As a result, yes I’m up and down with my feelings as I strive for balance with my mind, body, and soul.

During the Balsamic Moon, the moon is in its waning phase, appearing as a thin sliver in the sky. This is a time for reflection, release, and surrender. It’s a period for letting go of what no longer serves you and making space for new beginnings. Without a doubt, she offers beautiful healing energy.

By incorporating Black Moonstone into my meditation practice during this time, I tapped into its supportive energy and gained clarity on the paths available to me. Consequently, I now know that I have many opportunities and paths to follow. Not doing so is not an option!

Exploring the Many Paths of the Universe with Black Moonstone during the Balsamic Moon

Meditating with Black Moonstone during the Balsamic Moon felt wonderfully natural.

My mind began opening up to the vast possibilities that the Universe has to offer. I began marveling at the beautiful moon shimmer lighting up the many avenues within the darkness of the crystals surface. As a result, a feeling of hope and renewal rose within me. I could see the many different paths laying out before me, each one offering me potential for growth and fulfillment. This new perspective was incredibly empowering as I realised that there is no one ‘right‘ path to follow. Each new path will offer its own unique lessons and opportunities. Reflection is key!

With Black Moonstone by my side, I’m fully embracing the idea that failure is not a possibility.

Is Black Moonstone the Stone of Confidence to Follow Your Heart?

This crystal’s supportive energy provides me with a sense of protection as I now begin exploring the various paths available to me. I feel a sense of courage, and stability washing over me. In fact, I feel my guides are with me and offering their undying love and support. How can I possibly go wrong?

I’m writing this up while holidaying in mid Wales. It’s taken me till the first quarter moon to begin writing my thoughts. The first night here and I was working on the website as my underlying fear is that I will fail as I don’t believe it’s good enough. Thankfully, I went to bed with the intention of only doing those things that bring joy to my heart. Go with the flow, and write this post, and do more meditating with crytsals!

Embracing Creativity and Inspiration

By choosing Black Moonstone, it most certainly has ignited my creativity and inspiration. I believe this is due to its gentle nurturing energy that encourages me to stay grounded while feeling lost in the dark. Although I am still in the dark about my future, I know that I will see the light soon. First of all, I need to rest, which involves being creative with art and jewellery making. My creative flair brings me feelings of joy and accomplishment. Black Moonstone allows me to tap into my inner well of inspiration and express myself authentically. My answer will reveal itself when I’m ready. Suddenly, my inner voice is asking, ‘why the rush to know?’

Whether you’re an artist, writer, or simply someone who enjoys infusing creativity into your daily life, Black Moonstone can serve as a supportive ally. As you meditate with this enchanting crystal, allow its energy to flow through you, sparking new ideas and perspectives. By staying open to the creative potential that surrounds you, you can harness the magic of the Balsamic Moon phase and use it to fuel your passions and pursuits.

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