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Transform with Tektite


Read on to find out how you can transform with Tektite.

Transform with Tektite
Transform with Tektite

What is Tektite?

Tektite is a form of natural glass that is formed when a meteorite hits the Earth’s crust. The impact sends debris high up into the atmosphere before it falls back down, which is why you generally only find small pieces.

All of this energy melts the debris, forming Tektite, which is a powerful and magical piece of crystal to have in your collection.

The Tektite sold at Gemstone and Tarot appear as a dark shade of black, but when you hold it up to the light, you can see shades of dark yellow, and olive green. It isn’t as well known as its counterparts such as Moldavite, and therefore is a lot less expensive. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t as powerful!

Transform with Tektite

Take hold of a piece of Tektite and you will feel its energy tingling in your hand.

Just think of the amount of energy infused in this crystal at the time of its formation and where it came from, outer space, which is rather magical in itself!

In my photographs above, you can see the energy trapped in formations of bubbles, or streaks as it powered through the elements while transforming.

  • The energy in this crystal will help you to transform
  • Perfect for new beginnings
  • Provides drive, determination and motivation to succeed in all ventures and life itself
  • Replaces fear and doubt with courage
  • Lifts you from dark places
  • Makes you feel safe
  • Helps you to reconnect with nature and is good for grounding
  • Aids with emotional healing and control of your emotions
  • Powerful when manifesting your wealth of happiness
  • Helps you to think things through
  • Aids in outer thinking or thinking out of the box
  • Helps with positive thinking
  • Aids with focus and clarity of thought
  • Powerful aid to use when meditating
  • Takes you on a personal journey of evolution and transformation
  • Go beyond yourself and discover new heights
  • Inspires artists and creatives of all kinds

Using Tektite in my morning self-care routine

I’ve included Tektite into my morning self-care routine due to its powerful energy. Each morning I dust off all of my negative energy using Selenite, and then I sit quietly for a few minutes with a piece of Tektite.

The power of your intention when using crystals powers your desires. When holding my Tektite, I ask that it helps me to be strong today and to protect me from any form of negativity.

I then ask it to help me transform, to help me grow and be the best that I can be.

I finish off with asking it what do I need to know today and then I sit quietly, and meditate for at least 5 minutes. I finish off with writing my thoughts and feelings in my journal.

You should try this, especially if you practice manifestation like I do.

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