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Lunar Magic is the art of practicing rituals together with using her energy during significant points within the lunar phase. With her beautiful energy, we can manifest our dreams and furthermore, we can improve our mental health, and wellbeing.

What has lunar magic done for me?

For me personally, Lunar Magic has turned my life around and as a result, I keep a positive mindset, and I’ve achieved my goals.

In addition, I’m a lot happier and I’m excited to see what each week brings. My biggest achievement to date is successfully managing my anxiety to become a professional tarot reader, and life coach. Satisfaction together with gratitude fills my heart with joy and love. Honestly, it really is a turnaround for me.

Why is the moon so special?

Ancient cultures and lots of people today, describe her as feminine due to her beauty, grace, and monthly cycle. Indeed, lots of women’s menstrual cycles fall in line with the moon’s cycle. For some women, they will menstruate when the moon is waning, i.e., disappearing with less light. This is the time during the moon’s lunar phase when we release what no longer serves our purpose.

When the moon is waxing, i.e., growing to a full moon, we grow our dreams and potential with manifestation occurring around the full moon. Furthermore, let’s not forget how the moon’s gravity controls the tides.

What is lunar magic?
Moon Magic, Lunar Magic is the same thing


Water is fluid and just like our emotions, they ebb and flow sometimes stronger during a new, and full moon. When you consider that water is approximately 60% of your body weight, it’s not surprising that she can affect our feelings is it?

It’s well documented that at a time of the full moon, incidents of lunacy occur, which gives rise to that old saying, ‘it must be a full moon’. In the 1600s, Sir William Hale wrote: –

The moon has great influence in all diseases of the brain, especially dementia.

Sir William Hale

Furthermore, The Lunacy act of 1842 created by the UK government used this logic. Reference BBC News | UK | Mad on the Moon. Finally, the word LUNATIC is derived from the Latin for moon which is Luna.

Want to learn more about Lunar Magic?

If you would like me to mentor you with moon magic, please visit my aMOONda page for further information.

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