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Gifts from the Universe


Do you believe that you can receive gifts from the Universe?

Gifts from the Universe
The Universe delivers!

I 100% believe that the Universe constantly sends you magical gifts that are in resonance with how you’re feeling.

Belief in your heart and living with the feeling of already receiving, is undoubtedly one of the biggest concepts to manifesting your dream.

How do I know this I hear you ask?

I have manifested my dream of running my own business and of becoming self-sufficient. Furthermore, on the last new moon, I put my wish out there to earn a set amount each day. A couple of days later, I was paid that exact amount, in the one transaction.

For this, I’m extremely grateful, which is key when practicing moon magic and the Law of Attraction.

Mindfulness and Gratitude

Firstly, when you practice gratitude daily you will notice what gifts the Universe is sending you.

Practicing gratitude has now become a way of life thanks to practicing mindfulness.

Most mornings I will spend time writing in my journal of what I’m grateful for and how it made me feel. What I’ve realised lately is that when I neglect to do this, I stop receiving. In addition, if something good happens and I don’t have my journal to hand, I will be mindful of how good it makes me feel.

When good things happen, I always thank my guides and the Universe for their gifts. Furthermore, recognising and paying attention to positive feelings, helps you to attract good thing hence, The Law of Attraction.

It’s fundamentally important that when manifesting your dreams, you spend time believing and feeling that you’ve already obtained them. You can do this via meditation.

Daily practice of both mindfulness and gratitude allows you to recognise the signs of your dreams coming true. Without a doubt, my belief and positive feelings empower me to grow.

Moon Magic

Secondly, I practice moon magic, which is harnessing the energy of the beautiful moon to help bring my dreams to life. This also keeps my mind positive and set on achieving my goals.

Is it for your highest self?

Finally, the Universe will provide for you if it’s for your highest self.

My dream is to be self-sufficient in managing my own business for the highest good of myself and my clients. So far, I’ve achieved my goal and I’ve opened my own unit within St John’s Market, but now I need to receive an abundance of loving clients.

The daily amount that I wish to manifest will equal my old salary, but is this for my highest self?

If I allow self-doubt to start creeping in and if I believe or feel that I’m not good enough, I will hinder my chances.

Actually, while writing this post, I’ve just realised that I don’t need that set amount due to the success of the crystal shop. In addition, having an abundance of money isn’t for my highest good. It’s far better to have lovely customers who will return time and time again to sustain my income.

OK, now that I’ve figured this out, I can concentrate my efforts on building my client base to sustain my income.

Finally and most importantly, what I do know is that I wholeheartedly put my faith in the Universe, and I go with the flow.

Do you want to receive the gifts from the Universe?

I adore moon magic and receiving the gifts of the Universe. It’s changed my life and I’m no longer a slave to my anxiety. It can change your life too!
If you would like me to mentor you with manifesting your dreams, please get in touch. Let your dreams become your reality and set yourself free.

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