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Angel Love


Angel Love is the perfect name for my latest Reiki Journal entry. Allow your heart to fill with love while you read about my client’s experience of an angel visiting her during Reiki.

Reiki Guardian Angel Love
Angel love during Reiki

Emily, (identity is protected) is a new client of mine who has taken on the role of holding her family together. There is recent history of cancer within the family, and she is also awaiting tests. Being the eldest sister, she’s the one who is trying to remain a strong support, but who is giving her support?

After today’s Reiki session, which was her first experience of Reiki, I think it’s safe to say that she most definitely has a guardian angel.

Guardian Angel with large wings

It’s an important aspect of Reiki to speak to your client following treatment and ask them how they are.

It was during this conversation that Emily told me about an angel that came to visit her.

At first it seemed to be coming closer and then moving away. Then the angel would come closer still but move away again.

Did Emily accept the angel love?

She then described something that sounds like a beautiful, loving experience.

The angel came forward and embraced her with its large wings, holding her with love.

What’s weird about this is that I have no trouble envisioning this scene at all. I see an array of golden light, very bright light and from it comes this softly hued Guardian angel. I see the colour of soft greyish/blue, but everything is hazy and bright.

The love is intense!

During the treatment, I did have strong feelings of love and I did use the Master symbol before beginning the session. These feelings are increasing for me at this moment in time. Each treatment I do, the more intense I feel it.

Reiki Masters will always tell you that the more you practice Reiki, the stronger the energy flows. It really is true!

I can see how my own journey is transforming. I can sense the energy of love in its purest form with me while providing Reiki.

During meditation, there is one vision that is slowly changing. He is my guide and I call him the King of Cups. He stands by my side, silent and still as we watch the sun setting over the sea. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. Lately however, I’m beginning to see more of him, but only brief.

Spiritual Blessings

While writing this post, I’ve come across a fascinating article by William Lee Rand titled, Blessed by Spiritual Beings. I wanted to see what experiences other people have had and Rand’s article is a must read.

I’ve taken his advice and done my first meditation to connect with my spiritual being, in this case, the King of Cups. I do know that he’s not the King of Cups, but for this moment in time, this is how I refer to this being.

Just like Emily’s experience, he scooped me into a loving embrace with his cloak shrouding me. Yes, of course I’m more than likely influenced by Emily’s experience however, it felt nice.

It was only the other week that another client had a vision of someone helping me. Please read Spirit Guidance. These types of experiences are beginning to occur more often.

I’m certainly on a beautiful and loving journey.

Amanda and her Reiki

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Amanda is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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