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Colour Light Blue During Reiki


Today, I saw the colour light blue during Reiki, and it was so vivid, so intense that I knew I had to write about it here.

Reiki Blue

My Reiki Journal is a collection of my thoughts and experiences relating to Reiki. So, if you like what you read here, feel free to explore my other thoughts.

Reiki is a complimentary, holistic therapy that involves working with energy to bring balance to your mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it goes beyond simply treating the symptom, but instead, soothes and restores at the root level.

Seeing colour light blue during Reiki

During a Reiki session, it is common to see colours.

Sometimes, one can see a specific colour during Reiki, or others can see an explosion or a kaleidoscope of colours. In addition, they are usually so vivid and bright that they are hard to ignore. Furthermore, each colour has a significant reason as to why you are seeing it. Therefore, to try and work out what it means to you, pay attention to how you are feeling when experiencing it.

Of course, it also helps to know the functions of each chakra, which you will learn over time when experiencing Reiki. Coincidentally, if you would like to learn Reiki or receive Reiki, contact me today.

While giving myself a Reiki treatment today, I saw the most intense, beautiful, vivid colour of blue during Reiki.

Moreover, it was a beautiful light blue although not Caribbean bluey green, but more of a pure light blue. It filled my vision whilst my eyes were closed of course. I’ve tried to replicate the shade of light blue in the graphic above, however, I just cannot achieve the correct vibrancy.

Colour light blue relates to your throat chakra

Light blue is a beautiful and peaceful colour to see during Reiki. Furthermore, it relates to your throat chakra, where you express your emotions. More importantly, you cannot be at one with yourself if you harbour negative feelings. Indeed, this can most certainly cause a blockage if you are not speaking your truth.

Consequently, seeing the colour light blue during Reiki is very much a strong healing colour. Clearly, if you think about a beautiful tropical see, the colours of blues and greens, it brings feelings of peace, of calm and clarity.
Seeing the colour light blue can also be an indicator of some issue around your throat, jaw, ears, and neck area.

Step by step guide to working out what the colour means to you

I’ve included my quick guide below that you can use to work out what colours mean to you when seen during Reiki.

  • Which chakra does your colour relate to and what is that chakras function?
  • Do you have any physical symptoms in and around the area of the same coloured chakra?
  • What is happening in your life on a spiritual and mental level?
  • What are you recovering from on a spiritual, physical, and mental level?

So, how do I relate to this?

Remember when I said that you must pay attention to your feelings?

Well, when seeing this colour blue, my feelings were of peace and of feeling a sense of oneness.

My next question to ask myself was where do I need this feeling in my life right now and how can I achieve it?

A lot of the time, we go through periods of our life where we hold back from expressing our true feelings.

Perhaps we do not want to upset someone or worse still, we do not want to anger them. Unfortunately, the longer we hold in our feelings, the longer they fester and grow. Consequently, we are not being our authentic-self resulting in our emotions becoming unstable. This is apt for me at this moment in time with a personal situation that my partner is dealing with.

He is dealing with a difficult situation, which ultimately affects me however, for fear of making matters worse, I have been remaining quiet. Unfortunately, I am stifling my emotions and how can I seek clarity if I do not express them?

Well, before my self-Reiki, I began releasing my feelings in a controlled manner. A delicate situation needs to be handled carefully and sensitively. Without a doubt, the longer I stifle my feelings, I risk losing control resulting in making matters worse for all. Therefore, I chose to release them during a calm and loving conversation resulting in becoming my authentic-self. Feelings of peace and calm once more prevail and this is why I feel that I saw such an intense light blue.

Summary for seeing blue in Reiki

I hope this provides you with a starting point for working out what seeing the colour light blue during Reiki means to you. Please remember, we are all different, experiencing different situations with differing spiritual paths. My step-by-step guide should be a great starting point when working it out.

Amanda and her Flow of Reiki

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