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Crystal energy is what draws you in when choosing your crystal, but how do you connect to it?

Read on and hopefully I will explain beautifully how you can connect to the energy of your crystal. It’s very easy to do and you can discover a lot about yourself. So, let’s begin!

Discover crystal energy

Ensure that you’re relaxed

Ensure that your lighting and temperature is right for you and maybe light some incense and begin playing some nice relaxing spa music. Take your time with getting comfortable.

It’s essential that you’re not disturbed during your crystal energy exercise. Therefore, find a relaxing, peaceful place and sit upright. This will allow the energy to flow through you and your chakras.

Of course, you will need your crystal to hand, but also have a pen and some paper for recording your findings. You will be writing down anything that comes to mind during this exercise.

How to connect to your crystal energy

For the exercise below, set a timer for just five minutes to begin with. Regularly practicing mindful meditation, will bring you many benefits that will improve your overall wellbeing.

  • Firstly ensure that you’re fully relaxed with your crystal in either hand. Simply trust your intuition and go with the flow. It doesn’t matter which hand you use
  • Gently, close your eyes
  • Begin with a slow and steady deep breath in, through your nose, feeling your stomach rise. Then slowly breathe out through your lips, feeling your shoulders relaxing
  • Repeat at least another two times so that you’re feeling relaxed and calm. Do more if needed
  • Return your breathing to normal and open your eyes

Take your time examining your crystal

  • Spend a minute or so examining your chosen crystal. Take in the colours, the patterns and the texture, take it all in. Once you begin this exercise, you will be focusing on this image with your eyes closed. In other words, you will be bringing the image of your crystal to your minds eye for continued focus
  • Now, gently close your eyes again and this time when taking a long slow deep breath in, imagine that you’re breathing in from the very heart of your crystal. Breathe in the energy of your crystal right to your heart
  • Again, breathe out and when you’re ready, repeat this process of breathing in and out another two times. Coincidentally, I’m guessing that by now you know that I like to do things in threes?

Focusing on your crystal and feeling its energy

  • Now, bring up the image of your crystal in your minds eye and focus your attention on to it. The object here is to keep your focus as long as you can, which isn’t easy to begin with. Simply go with the flow but remember this. When you realise that you have lost focus of your crystal, this exercise IS WORKING! Simply re-focus and smile and do this for at least five minutes. Additionally, actually feel the crystal in your hand to help with focusing
  • Pay attention now to any significant emotions, ideas or visions that come to your mind
  • When you’ve finished, take in another long and slow, deep breath in, and gently blow out while opening your eyes
  • Start writing down anything, especially feelings, or ideas, that start came to light during your meditation. If you start thinking of keywords or phrases now, following your meditation, write them down. Take your time as you’re about to go on an adventure. Learning how you connect with the energy of your crystal is a wonderful experience.

I’ve included below my experience of connecting to the crystal energy of my piece of Rainbow Fluorite. I spent about 15 minutes in total on this occasion.

This is how I connected with the energy of my crystal

Following my mindful meditation, I began writing down the following keywords and phrases. Everything below is what I thought of when focusing on my crystal. This helps me with figuring out why I was drawn to Rainbow Fluorite.

  • Flashes of brilliance
  • Deep thinking
  • Captivating
  • Visualising
  • Adventure
  • Following my heart
  • Using my intuition
  • Exciting
  • Expanding and growth

How do your findings fit in with your current situation?

Pay attention to this final part of the exercise as you will be enlightened as well as empowered.

This is where you find out why you’re resonating with the energy of your crystal. How do your findings relate to your current situation? Journal to your hearts content and enjoy your time connecting to the energy of your crystal.

Amanda’s findings with crystal energy

I’m currently working out my future plans and manifesting my dreams with the moons energy. I want to be self-employed doing healing work to help others, as well as growing, and learning more.

Rainbow Fluorite helps me to visualise my future. Instinctively I know that I have to go with my heart and follow my intuition. Failure to proceed with my dreams will result in feeling low about myself. The crystal energy helps me apply reason and logic and therefore set my goals.

At this moment in time COVID-19 is causing lots of fear about unemployment, and another recession. I could easily think, no, don’t do this, go and get yourself a guaranteed income.

I have manifested the position that I’m in right now, my full-time job is over come the 1st of August. I’ve never been in a better position to start working for myself. Balance of course is key, but I’m very excited about my future path and this piece of Rainbow Fluorite came along at the right time.

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