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Manifesting Wealth


Today’s subject is manifesting wealth and The Law of Attraction.

Manifesting wealth
Manifesting wealth

The Ten of Coins Inheritance and Planning

The tarot card of the day is the Ten of Coins which signals a wealth of happiness in your life. It’s a good time that you’re experiencing however, tens signal new beginnings. Therefore, it also could mean that now is a time to begin focusing and planning for your future ahead. You reap what you sow is a phrase that comes to mind here.

The meaning of the affirmation card is simple and it applies to manifesting wealth. One of the fundamental aspects of using the Law of Attraction is to focus on YOU and how you feel.

When you do this, you really do begin enjoying life a lot more. It’s because you have overcome your ego, and you start believing in YOU again. You appreciate the world around YOU and you are in control of your emotions. You begin living again!

Now, remember back to a time when you didn’t have a care in the world and you felt at ONE with yourself.

In most cases, you may remember back to a time when you were a child, unaffected by the stresses of adulthood. You can find peace like this again by creating a self-gratitude journal.

Manifesting wealth is a possibility

Firstly, ask yourself what does the phrase ‘a wealth of happiness‘ mean to you. For me, it’s not just about money.

If I had all the money in the world, it wouldn’t bring me true happiness. A wealth of happiness, in my opinion, encompasses the following: –

  • Enjoying a loving and supporting network of family, and friends
  • Feeling an abundance of love, including self-love
  • Feelings of security and stability in all areas of your life

Money of course does make the world go round and it does make things a lot easier, but if the money stopped, I would still have a wealth of happiness.

You may not agree and that is perfectly fine. However, what will you have left if you thought money would make you happy and suddenly it was gone?

The five principles of the Law of Attraction

Know what you want!

The number one principle when manifesting is to know what it is you desire. You do need to think carefully about this and consider what the impact is on you, your friends, and family if you receive it.

I say ’if’ because the Universe always works in mysterious ways and it will always work for your higher good. It may deliver what you’re asking for in ways you can’t see, or it might not be the right time, or for your higher good. This is another valid reason for creating yourself a daily self-gratitude journal so you can appreciate how the Universe is working for you.

Other questions you should consider are: –

  • Is what you’re asking for ecological i.e. is it for the higher good of you, the people you care about and the planet?
  • What’s already working for you?

Do something about it!

It will be a bloody hard slog if you’re wishing for something and you don’t apply any ENERGY to it.

The energy of the universe is amazing and it will leave you in awe.

Every materialistic object around you right now is created by ONE THOUGHT!

Have a look around you right now and consider this important aspect. Just one thought, the seed of creation was made to create what it is that you see.

To create energy for your desire, work on what you have, what’s already working for you and what you can do to manifest your wealth. Create yourself a SMART action plan and keep it up to date.

Notice what happens

To attract what you desire, you need to FEEL IT because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. You are a magnet for how you feel. If you think you will never be rich, that’s exactly what will happen.

By creating yourself a SMART action plan, you will know exactly where you are and what’s working for you. By creating and writing in your self-gratitude journal, you will be able to work on FEELING POSITIVE, and appreciating everything that makes you feel good. For example, people, the universe, the environment with its life sustaining resources and the simple beauty of nature. It’s good to be alive!

Be flexible when manifesting wealth

So, you have your SMART action plan and you have your self-gratitude journal, and life doesn’t always go as planned.

By having these two items, you can be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. You will also be able to cope as you should be finding it easier to control your emotions. This is a result of doing a daily self-gratitude journal.

Work from a psychological and physiology of excellence

You need to look after your MIND as well as your body as both affect each other. If your mind is out of balance, continually stressed or anxious, it has an effect on your body and vice versa.

Want to learn more about positive thinking and manifesting your wealth?

Everything above is covered in my aMOONda Workshop I can deliver in a group or one-to-one mentoring. To find out more, please visit the aMoonda Workshop.

aMOONda Workshop
aMOONda teaching you moon magic

Citrine is the crystal for manifesting wealth

Citrine was my chosen crystal of the day to assist with mental focus and manifestation. The energy of this stone can assist with maintaining and feeling your desire. It’s also a favourite stone for aiding manifestation. Citrine can be purchased from my shop, Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool.

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