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My Happy Place


My happy place is somewhere I can escape to while meditating so that I can relax and chill out. Additionally, I’m relieving myself of the day to day stresses and furthermore, I’m relaxing my mind.

This is my account of what I experienced during my latest meditation. If you would like me to guide you with a happy place meditation, please get in touch.

My Happy Place Meditation
My happy place that I escaped to during meditation

So, after approximately 4 years of doing guided meditations, I was ready to guide myself to visit my happy place. This subsequently led to one of the most amazing meditative experiences to date.

Teacher Meditation Course

This is primarily thanks to Amy Lawrence of Silver Daisies Holistic Healing. She’s primarily responsible for teaching me life coaching and more recently, a teacher meditation course. Yesterday, on the final day of her course, she asked us to try visualising our happy place via meditation. The way she described hers was truly inspirational. I had to give it a go, and oh my, am I glad I did!

I highly recommend that you do the same. Soon I will offer it as a healing service, but first I need to do some more. Check my services page for my latest treatments.

So, here is my account of my happy place that I reached during meditation, and what I learned. It’s most certainly emotional and I’m still holding back my tears.

My happy place

I had no time restraints set for this as I was in no rush. Sometimes we all need a self-care day doing the things that we fully enjoy and taking the time to chill. It’s really important that we nurture our souls with love and good feelings. Visiting my happy place will do just the trick.

Often I escape while daydreaming and picture myself in my happy place. Up until recently, I didn’t realise that daydreaming was a form of meditating. Anyway, I digress!

There’s a place that I hold dear in my heart that I love visiting. Both in my mind and in person. When I’m there, I’m enjoying the feelings of peace and oneness. It’s a place where I used to escape to as a child.

Lately, I’ve come to realise that it’s not so much the place being special, although it is beautiful. It’s a place that allows me to be free of my ego. Simply experiencing the present moment in all its glory. No fear, no worries, just being at one with nature while using my senses. Now of course, I can do this while meditating.

St Peter’s Churchyard in Heysham

This place for me is St Peter’s Churchyard in Heysham. There’s also a place called the Barrows, a rocky headland next to the church. You can visit this place and take in the breathtaking view of Morecambe Bay with the mountains in the distance.

As a child of trauma, this is the place I regularly escaped to be on my own. It’s funny really because that saying is coming to mind, the dead can’t hurt you, it’s the living that can. How true!

Thinking back now, I remember clearly feeling free as a bird. Feelings of wonder as I spent time reading the many headstones. Co-incidentally, I do have ancestors buried here in this beautiful place.

This will be the basis of my happy place meditation.

Let my happy place meditation begin

It’s not hard for me to picture myself here. It starts with me walking down a small gravelly path and making my way to my great grandad’s grave, John Blacow. I do remember him vaguely from my childhood. I remember clearly looking at the framed photograph of him looking proud with his uniform on.

I’m then drawn to a Celtic cross headstone that sits almost on its own. I have a photograph of this grave as I’ve been researching my ancestors, which I’m not very good at. The name is Miles D Blacow and he died in 1914. I’m not sure if we’re related, but for some reason I’m drawn to sit beside his monument in meditation pose. I trust my instinct as a thought crosses my mind that he could be one of my spirit guides. Although I don’t get any words of wisdom from him, I know that I will when the time is right.

My happy place is alive

In the distance I’m watching the sun setting. It’s casting a lovely reddish orange hue upon the headstones that mingle with the growing shadows. My senses are alive with the sounds of birds happily singing. I can also taste the salt in the breeze that lifts my fringe making it dance lightly upon my forehead. Feeling the warmth of the sun glowing upon my face, I smile as I enjoy my new found peace. The headstone of Miles is offering me support along with the grass upon which I sit.

Suddenly, a seagull squawks above me and I begin imagining that I’m now flying like this bird. I’m looking down upon myself while floating on the breeze. I’m still sat there deep in meditation.

I begin reflecting back to when I was a young girl and how I enjoyed my time here alone. Back then, it wasn’t strange for children of 7 or 8 years old to be out alone.

Reunited with my dog

Suddenly, Digby came clumsily bounding up to me, jumping all over me and licking my face as we re-unite. His black curls are bouncing around his eyes as we roll around happily. We finish off sitting side by side, while feeling the gentle breeze of the setting sun. Amazingly, I was that little girl again with my soulmate. I really can’t tell you how much joy and love is filling my heart right now.

I realise during my meditation that I can physically feel a tear rolling down my cheek. This is really happening as emotion fills me that I’ve found Digby.

The pain of searching for him that day when I got home from school is still with me. Even now as I’m writing this, my eyes are filling up again. I remember knocking on every single door of the streets surrounding my house asking people if they had seen him. This memory of him vanishing and never knowing what happened to him is actually re-surfacing. As much as I want to supress, I realise that now is the time to face it.

For 40 years I’ve successfully buried the pain that hurt me so much. However, after my recent training and self-therapy work, I know that this is something I have to face. It will free my heart so that I can give and receive love, unconditionally.

I draw my support from the grave of Miles and ask the following questions: –

  • Where did you go Digby?
  • What does my mum know about you disappearing?
  • Did ‘HE‘ kill you?
  • What happened to you?

Coming to terms with grief

There’s so much pain here and the potential of actual truth is terrifying me to question what happened.

I don’t like saying this, but the things that I was subjected to at such a young age, haunt me. Unfortunately, I fear Digby was a victim like the other puppies. I now accept that I will never know the truth. If I was told the truth, would I believe it?

Digby licked my face and I settled for not knowing, because now we are re-united in my happy place. We can continue enjoying our time here.

With this new found knowledge, up I get with a spring in my step and off we go. Just like we used to, we head up onto the Barrows, the rocky headland that overlooks Half Moon Bay. We make our way to the ruins of St Patrick’s Chapel to enjoy the sun setting on the horizon.

Following the sun setting, we walk down onto the bead and enjoy a stillness in the air. We then continue walking up onto the old harbour wall and visit what I call the pepper pot. Here, we sit together looking out to sea admiring a magnificent full moon. A galaxy of stars fills our vision and we take in the peace and solitude of this special moment.

Meditation Summary

I enjoyed painting my happy place as a means of giving you an idea of what it looked like.

Also, I’ve learned first hand the healing experience that a happy place can bring. I never expected it to release childhood trauma. My inner child re-surfaced today, the happy child that was free before the onset of horror.

There’s a lot of buried emotional pain in my past. What’s funny is the fact that when I’ve tried inner child work before, something stops me. Before now, I’ve never found the right tools to do it, until now. The best thing is though, I can do this safely with Digby by my side. My happy place meditation can end with the beautiful soft energy of the moon shining down on us.

Seriously, why have I not realised that I can have a happy place like this sooner?

I’m so happy and thank you Amy x

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