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Levitating during Reiki


In today’s Reiki Journal, I write about the sensation of levitating during Reiki.

Levitating during Reiki
Levitating during Reiki

I know what you’re thinking and trust me, my experience is as bizarre as my bold statement, but where do I begin?

Prior to a Reiki session, it’s important for the practitioner to consult with their client. We do this to ascertain how they’re feeling since their last session. However, if it’s a first-time session, the consultation is more in-depth as it’s important to explain what Reiki is and isn’t.

My client Shelly, which isn’t her real name, came in to enquire about Reiki. A psychic told her to seek a Reiki practitioner due to two of her chakras becoming blocked. It was during our consultation that she told me about her own psychic experiences and that she had levitated above her bed.

Her revelation didn’t shocked me as I always keep an open mind.

Definition of levitation

to rise or float in or as if in the air especially in seeming defiance of gravitation


During an energy scan of Shelly’s chakra’s, I noted that her Sacral and Crown chakra were sluggish. I could also see that she was fully relaxed as I began channelling the energy.

The heat in my hands was strong as I placed them over her crown. While over her brow chakra, I could feel tingles and at one point I felt a touch sensation on the middle finger of my right hand.

It was at this point that I first noticed her arms twitching by her side briefly before she settled again. This is not something I’ve noticed in my other clients, but her breathing was calm. I noticed her arms twitching intermittently throughout the session.

Around her throat and heart chakras, I noticed intense heat and more tingling sensations. It was safe to say that I was experiencing more sensations than I normally do. My feelings were not of concern, but oddly, I felt more loving energies than ever before. In fact, I was really enjoying this session as I knew that I was feeling Universal love.

Levitating during Reiki

Eventually, I arrived at her feet and Shelley was on her back. I took more time than usual with holding my hands over the front of her feet. My intuition was telling me to take my time so that her body would be enveloped with healing energy.

It was at this point that suddenly I felt a sensation in her feet. They felt like they were rising and as I tried to ascertain what I was experiencing, the image of her levitating flashed through my mind.

Did I open my eyes and check to see if she was levitating during Reiki?


Shelly’s comments following Reiki

I’m always excited to hear what my client’s say about their experiences during Reiki, and Shelly didn’t disappoint!

She could feel energy coming out of her face and head, which corresponds with the tingling sensations I felt.
Then she told me that she felt like she levitated when I was near her feet. Of course, I told her what I felt, and we were both amazed.

Finally, Shelly told me that she had never felt anything like this before and that she felt exceptionally good. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will take Shelly a couple of weeks at least to process what happened and how she feels about Reiki.

Feelings of levitation during Reiki

Personally, this experience has reminded me that our soul is separate from our body. To experience optimum health, we must have balance of our mind, body and soul. This experience of levitation has provided me with confirmation that we can transcend our physical body.

It also takes me back to when I was about six or seven years old.

I would lie face down on my bed and I would deliberately sink down through my bed until my body pressed against the dusty floor. The dust would tickle my nose and I was fully feeling the solid surface that I lay upon. If I heard someone coming up the stairs, I would quickly rise back into my body. Therefore, I know that we can leave our body.

Why didn’t you open your eyes to see if she was levitating during Reiki?

Why didn’t I open my eyes though?

I’ve placed a lot of my energy into trusting in the process and going with the flow. Indeed, this has been my affirmation for about the last eight months or so. Previously, my anxiety disorder made me try to control people and things that I had no control over, hence my affirmation.

I didn’t need to open my eyes to provide confirmation of what I felt.

More about Reiki

My Reiki journal is a collection of my thoughts and musings about my experiences of giving, and receiving Reiki. Please click here to view my Reiki Journal.

Secondly, it’s my goal to promote the beauty of natural energy healing, and I hope that I inspire you. I also encourage my Reiki students to journal about their experiences as it’s a beautiful method of expanding our knowledge.

If you would like to book a Reiki treatment, please visit my Reiki in Liverpool page. I also have a Reiki FAQ page and if you would like to be attuned to Reiki, please visit my Reiki training page.

Finally, I’m a proud member of the UK Reiki Federation whose members agree to a code of practice, which is a guarantee to the public that they will receive the highest standard of attention and care.

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