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Moon Magic and Healing


Moon Magic and healing is exactly what I’m doing this month.

This lunar phase is one of growing my spirituality and reconnecting with my higher self.

Too many times in life, we lose our connection with ourselves and the Universe, especially when we’re in the process of manifesting our dreams. BUT, how many times do we stop to celebrate our journey and invest in our self-love and self-worth?

I found myself feeling restless and not settled. My intuition was telling me to sit back and ask Mark to read the Tarot for me.

I wanted to find out why I was feeling agitated with feelings of fear about me and my future.

The cards revealed that it was time for me to use the moon’s energy to grow myself.

First quarter moon

During this first Quarter moon, I’m seriously committed to my self-loving and connecting with my guides.

I’m on track with her energy as it’s during this phase that we can find ourselves feeling quite stressed. It’s a time to examine our goals and if no longer required, give them up. If however our goals are still in alignment, we then double commit.

I know that I’m in the process of growing my wisdom and that I’ve so much more to learn. Already things are happening and I’m seeing the signs that my guides are showing me.

Doubling my commitment to my moon magic and healing

When we start on our spiritual journey, it could be seen as an awakening.

Five years ago, I was certainly awakened to myself and how bad I felt when I heard a voice from within telling me, that enough is enough. However, this if it was an awakening, wasn’t my first.

You see, when you awaken to the present situation and the beauty of life that surrounds you, your spiritual journey is just beginning. It’s a process of going within to find the real you and liberate your soul from your self-imposed shackles.

The Eight of Swords foretells anxiety
The Eight of Swords foretells anxiety

The Eight of Swords from my favourite Tarot deck, the Murder of Crows, sums up exactly how I was feeling. Tied down, restless and not getting anywhere. The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I was getting because I knew that I was better than this.

When I found Moon Magic, it was and STILL is a practice that I deeply follow.

I’ve manifested so much with her energy. A new house, a new career, and management of my anxiety. This is because I’m constantly checking in with her phases and how I align with them. This is how I know that I’m not in alignment with my soul’s purpose.

A new awakening has arrived

So to cut a long story short, I’ve been manifesting none stop for easily two years now.

Of course, I’m truly grateful for how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved and learned about myself. However, I haven’t stopped long enough to truly nurture my soul with what I’ve learned.

How can I truly develop my spirituality if I don’t take a step back to REST while reflecting?

Resting is recuperating and enjoying life.

It’s sitting back and going with the flow while being mindful of your environment and how you’re feeling.

I’ve been successfully avoiding what I fear most!

It’s true!

Rather than fully experience my success and live life to the full, I’ve successfully avoided what I fear most.

My fear of failure!

The benefits of Moon Magic are immense, because sure, I’ve changed my lifestyle, improved my mental health and emotional wellbeing. Her energy and presence has also shown me that I need to invest in myself and not material success.

Learning to put your faith and trust in the Universe and to go with the flow, is an achievement we all strive for. I thought that I had achieved this, but my feelings of agitation and frustration tell me otherwise.

This is my new awakening, or realisation.

This lunar cycle is about letting go and growing my inner strength. It’s about indulging at leisure all I practice and love to do without any fear of anything going wrong.

Self-love is at the top of my agenda and I’m investing in quality time to nurture my physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Wellness with Steph

Wellness with Steph

This week and I cannot wait, will be my second session with Stephanie Fox from Wellness with Steph. It’s such a beautiful time out to nurture my soul with someone who is also spiritual and down to Earth. If you’re based in Liverpool, seriously, check out Steph.

I’m mentioning Steph here because I’ve known her for just over a year now, but last month I finally got the guts to go for a deep tissue massage. I knew it would be painful, but I have signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that thankfully is being kept under control. This is largely thanks to Steph, her knowledge and expertise, but of course, I will also take some credit. 😉

To go with the flow, sometimes you have to take note of your inner calling. These are after all signs from the Universe and you shouldn’t dismiss them.

Time out with Steph is a monthly treat and I’m combining my massage with Reiki.

I’m also proud to be investing in local businesses. In the realm of manifesting our worth, feeling great, and showing love, kindness and compassion will reap its rewards.

Summarising moon magic and healing

I’m doing more of what I enjoy, which is reading and meditating with my crystals. I’ve also taken up gardening and I’m helping Mark decorate our new house.

The funny thing is, yesterday a young lad who I will guess is in his early twenties came by my shop. He was inadvertently and not word for word, telling me the same information as what I’m currently reading. Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters. This young lad did not know Weiss or his book.

Just the other day, a new customer visited the shop who is also a healer. She felt that it was important to buy from local businesses rather than shop online. A few days later, she was back with her friend who is also a healer with the same attitude.

It’s not yet a full moon and I’m seeing these events as a sign from the Universe that I’m doing the right thing.

Taking this step back has already shown me healing benefits. I’m learning so much more that is infusing my being with creativity and passion.

The time is NOW for enjoying life. Not the future!

Enjoy what you reap!

Let me teach you moon magic

Join me for a day of healing and learning moon magic so that you too can work towards positively transforming your life.

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