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New Moon Crystals


Below you will find my top six choice of new moon crystals that will help you with setting your intentions.

New Moon Crystals
New Moon Crystals

How to use New Moon crystals

For those of you who practice moon magic, you will know that the energy of a new moon is the best time for setting your intentions.

What is it that you want to manifest?

My selection of new moon crystals below, each have their own strength and qualities. They are all perfect for helping you to focus on your goals while providing clarity of thought.

Meditating with crystals

Setting time aside to meditate with your chosen crystal, will strengthen your intention. After all, you need to feel and believe that you can obtain your goals. The healing power of meditation together with the energy of a crystal, is a fantastic way of powering your intention.

Setting your intentions with new moon crystals

Clearly, you need to be feeling the effects of the crystal’s positive energy.

Carrying your crystals or putting them somewhere that you will see them often, is a great method of getting the most out of them.

I like to place mine on my work desk or on my bedside table. In addition to this, if I feel the need for more of their influence, I will create myself a gemstone healing bracelet specially to wear throughout my day.

Wearing crystals in the form of jewellery is without doubt a powerful statement. Furthermore, you can touch it at any point of the day, no matter where you are and repeat an affirmation.

Intention and affirmation setting

I pour lots of intentional energy into the gemstone healing bracelets that I lovingly create for clients. As well as that, I also provide an affirmation to repeat. Visit my bracelet page for further information, and also find out how I can create one especially for you.

Affirmations along with your crystals for setting intentions, can improve your mental health and wellbeing. When we want to change or improve an aspect of ourselves, affirmations are unquestionably, a powerful method of achieving it.

An affirmation is a true statement that reflects how you feel or how you want to feel.

Repeatedly saying an affirmation can program your mind into believing it. This is because your mind doesn’t know the difference between real life or fantasy. Importantly, a good affirmation is one that you clearly believe in. Obviously, this will provide you with optimism and hope.

Top 6 Intention Setting New Moon Crystals

Golden Tiger's Eye
Golden Tiger’s Eye

Golden Tiger’s Eye

Known for its good luck qualities, Tiger’s Eye will also give you courage and strength to obtain your goals.

Affirmation: I have an abundance of courage and strength to achieve my goals.

Moon magic with Selenite


The name ‘Selenite’ comes from the Greek word, ‘Selene’ who is a goddess of the moon. Allow the magic of this crystal to guide your intuition and strengthen your connection with the moon.

Affirmation: I am in tune with the moon’s energy and I follow my intuition.

I can with Septarian
I can with Septarian


Break your cycle of negative thinking and breathe in the ‘I CAN DO IT’ attitude that Septarian provides. This stone will provide you with confidence to aim high.

Affirmation: I can do it!

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone
Black Moonstone

As the moon is not illuminated at this time, black Moonstone is a beautiful crystal to consider. Moonstone will settle your emotions, provide self-esteem, and give you the confidence to follow your intuition.

Affirmation: I have an abundance of inner power that will allow me to follow my dreams.


Powerful Citrine

Citrine is a powerful crystal to use especially if your confidence is low. Aim high and reach for the stars with this crystal that also is known for providing you with lots of luck.

Affirmation: I have a wealth of happiness

Pyrite or Fools Gold
Pyrite or Fools Gold

Fools Gold or Pyrite

Pyrite is also known as ‘Fools Gold’ but don’t be fooled into thinking that this crystal won’t be any good. Going for gold becomes more than a phrase when you use this crystal to set your intentions, especially if you’re manifesting wealth.

Affirmation: I can achieve anything I set my mind to!

Buying new moon crystals for intention setting

Finally, did you know that I also own a crystal shop where you can purchase all the beautiful crystals featured here?
Gemstone and Tarot is situated in Liverpool city centre, or alternatively, you can buy them online.

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