Mastering my energy

Mastering my energy

In my latest journal, I’m exploring the subject of mastering my energy and how I’m using the moon’s energy to manifest my goals.

I’ll begin with this very important question.

I performed my new moon ritual last night, so now what?

Indeed, it’s a very good question for those who wish to manifest their goals with the energy of the moon. You don’t just sit back and wait for your dreams to manifest!

Sadly, there are lots of people who believe that setting an intention and performing a ritual is all that’s required.

Today, I’m examining how to positively use my energy to help me achieve my goals. Firstly though, you need to understand more about me and my experience of energy.

Mastering my energy
Mastering my energy with the law of attraction

Mastering my energy

If there’s one thing that I tell my clients, it’s this!

Don’t wait until you’re in your 40’s to figure out what life is all about. Understanding energy and how it manifests is your key to life.

Amanda Norman

Pay attention to your thoughts, your dreams and your self-beliefs.

These are indeed energy and therefore it’s important that you think positively. I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying, ‘like attracts like’?

If you think positively, you emit positive vibrations and you attract anything that’s vibrating on a similar frequency.

Previously, I came so very close to a major breakdown due to my anxiety.

At the time, I didn’t know that I was in a negative mindset. I didn’t even know that I was suffering with anxiety as I thought I was stressed out. It hit home with me when I felt like actually giving up! I’d had enough and I felt like retreating inwards, and cutting myself off from the world, but my intuition called on me.

That day I chose to live!

That was the day I switched to a positive mindset!

Now don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t depressed, well I don’t think I was, and I certainly wasn’t suicidal. However, I do realise how easy it is for people to fall into a state of depression. I must have been very close, but my soul told me to not give up and that I can do this.

In addition, I didn’t maintain a positive mindset either as I had spent too many years thinking negatively. It’s hard to break a habit, but becoming aware was a major starting point.

Old soul energy

It’s funny really as I’ve always known that I’ve had an old soul. I’m also still intrigued with the thought that an ancestor of mine was one of the Pendle Witches, but this is a different story to tell.

I can quite happily be alone in my own company and as a child, I spent lots of time alone.

I always enjoyed spending time in the ancient graveyard and upon the Barrows. It was peaceful and exciting, and I felt completely safe. Upon reflection, this is the first time I subconsciously recognised energy and its positive vibrations.
Unfortunately, I did have a traumatic childhood and these places were not only my hiding places, they were my places of healing. I instinctively knew that I was safe.

Being present in these places was also raising my energy levels. It’s no wonder that I still love to spend time in these places exploring shadows and emotions via my camera lens.

Mastering my energy with the tarot

When I first started doing tarot for friends and family over twenty years ago, I knew that I was taking their negative energy, and recycling it into positive energy. Additionally, I also knew that I too was benefitting and it’s the same today when I’m providing Reiki. These are both examples of positive healing energy that is not only good for us, but for the Universe, and our higher selves.

Back then, I didn’t realise just how significant this was. If I had, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to fall into a negative mindset and develop anxiety. Having a nurturing self-care routine is a must especially if you’re manifesting goals.

Manifesting Energy

So, here I am today and I’m contemplating how to best use my energy to manifest in line with the moon’s energy.

Firstly, it’s important that to attract what you desire, you feel that you have it already. Believing that you’ve got this will help you to feel it, but how do you feel something you’ve never had?

Pick a word to describe how you want to feel.

Presently, I’m manifesting a stream of regular clients that would make me feel ‘successful’.

Firstly, I think back to a time previously that I felt successful, and I feel that energy. I feel how good it made me feel.

Secondly, I set time aside to meditate and I visualise myself feeling successful with my clients.

Thirdly, I doodle and draw, and come up with artwork to express my feelings.

These are my examples of using creative energy to help me manifest my goals.

Finally, I also have my action plan in place that will help bring my goals to fruition. I won’t get anything by just sitting on my ass and wishing!

For now though, it’s time I put some of my positive energy into what I can action to bring my goals one step closer. By the time of the first quarter moon, I will know what I need to double commit to.