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Pineapple Quartz for Good Health


From the moment I set eyes upon Pineapple Quartz, I knew that I had to own a piece. It’s not the prettiest of crystals however, it certainly has a strong energy that draws me in.

Pineapple Quartz
Pineapple Quartz

Pineapple Quartz has this name due to its likeness to a pineapple however, it does go by other names such as Celestial or Candle Quartz.

Drawn to Pineapple Quartz

When a crystal catches your attention and you don’t want to leave it in the shop, you must listen to the voice of your inner wisdom, and buy it! Why is this so?

Anything with energy vibrates at a particular frequency. Of course, crystals contain energy, just like us humans. When our aura intermingles with that of the crystal, our energy frequencies meet. Vibrations of a similar frequency, act like a magnet and this is when you feel an attraction. Undoubtedly, I’m talking about the Law of Attraction and Vibration. To find out more about why we attract crystals, please refer to my post, choosing crystals.

The power of Quartz

Quartz is a powerful crystal that creates an electrical charge. Now, I’m not clued up with physics, I always found the subject to be boring, but I shall try to explain.

When applying pressure to Quartz, it creates an electrical charge known as piezoelectricity. This was first discovered in 1880 by Jacques and Pierre Curie. Watches and clocks use Quartz as an oscillator to generate a regularly timed series of electrical pulses to keep the time. Find out more about piezoelectricity on Wikipedia.

A lot of crystal healers continue to refer to clear Quartz as a master healing crystal. In addition to the above, Quartz reflects every colour of the light spectrum, hence working with each of our chakras.

You can use it to heal any physical, mental or spiritual ailment and it also comes in a variety of colours due to the various minerals. Two of your most common are Amethyst and Citrine. It works wonders with your chakras that are wheels of energy inside of you.

So the question is, what do I get from Pineapple Quartz?

Trouble Sleeping

At one time I used to have trouble with sleeping due to anxiety. I’m over that, however, there are still the odd occasions when I struggle to sleep. Recently, I woke up and as I lay there trying to relax my mind, I realised that I was making matters worse.

Sometimes when you dwell on a thought like, ‘why can’t I go to sleep?’, the bigger it grows.

I asked my inner-self or the Universe, ‘what crystal should I use to help me sleep?

I began picturing my piece of Pineapple Quartz and I went and got it. Holding it didn’t take me long to begin sleeping.

Cold Symptoms

At one time, I was feeling so lousy with bad cold symptoms and I had no energy. Again, I began thinking about my Pineapple Quartz. Subsequently, I placed it onto my bedside cabinet and I began feeling better.

De-stressing with Pineapple Quartz

Changing jobs can be a major cause of stress in our lives and as I write, I’m about to start my new job tomorrow. (I was at my previous position for 10 years).

Currently, I’m not struggling with feelings of anxiety. It’s almost as if I’m looking to feel those symptoms. I can’t believe that my anxiety isn’t getting the better of me. Of course I’m apprehensive, who wouldn’t be?

Pineapple Quartz is working with my emotional balance and keeping my stress and anxiety in check.

What are your experiences with Pineapple Quartz?

Purchasing Pineapple Quartz

Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool are stockists of Pineapple Quartz.

Crown Chakra Crystal

Try using white pieces of Pineapple Quart to help with balancing energy through your crown chakra. If energy is flowing freely through all chakras, it’s here that you will experience peace and oneness. In my case, it helped me drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Sacral Chakra Crystal

Pieces of Pineapple Quartz that resemble the outer skin of a Pineapple with their orange tones are perfect for using with your sacral chakra. I’ve found it very good in stabilising my emotions, allowing me to de-stress.

Everyone is different and we all have our own unique vibrations, just like each crystal gemstone. So please don’t expect to experience the same as me. I write about my experiences as I believe it’s important to share knowledge and I love to journal.


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