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The Reiki Flow
Life Coach

The Flow of Reiki

My latest journal features my progress with using the flow of Reiki to manifest my goals. Firstly, I cannot express enough how exciting and revealing

Meditating with Clear Fluorite

Meditating with Clear Fluorite

This is my journal of what I experienced and learned while meditating with clear Fluorite. It revealed so much wisdom and clarity. I begin my

Anxiety Kit Liverpool
Gemstone Healing

Anxiety Crystals

The anxiety chakra kit contains my choice of anxiety crystals to help you manage your anxiety. If you would like to know what crystals are

Pineapple Quartz
Gemstone Healing

Pineapple Quartz for Good Health

From the moment I set eyes upon Pineapple Quartz, I knew that I had to own a piece. It’s not the prettiest of crystals however,

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