Ace of Cups and Release

Ace of Cups and Release

This full moon, I asked the Tarot what I need to let go of, and the answer was to release the Ace of Cups. This is going to be difficult to work out when all I can think of is strong feelings of love coming my way.

Release the Ace of Cups
Release the Ace of Cups

OK, so let me break this down in stages to work it out.

If you read your own tarot, you will understand how difficult it is sometimes, to see the true meaning of your cards.

Generally, the Ace of Cups signals new deep feelings or a strong connection with something, or someone you love. The other cards in a spread will provide more of an insight, but I only drew this one card.

Do I need to release a build-up of emotions?
Am I holding myself back by keeping my feelings close to my chest?

Prior to exploring my spirituality, I would only express my feelings when forced to, which would be an ugly experience. There’s many a time that I would end up with a headache or a lump in my throat due to holding it in and why?

Cry it all out

Our tears contain our emotional waste, which no longer serves us. If we were never to go to the toilet, you can imagine how ill you would feel. Constipation is horrendous! It’s the same with not releasing our emotions. It can lead to physical and mental ill health.

I don’t feel that I’m holding on to anything at this moment in time and I’m certainly feeling the love for my new career.

What emotional attachments do I have that no longer serve me?

Hmm, I can be a right stubborn bitch if someone wrongs me, and I will hold a grudge. Now this has me thinking hard.

Release the Ace of Cups

I’m going to sound like a right clown now, but emotional attachment doesn’t mean just ‘love’. Sometimes you can fixate on a particular word that you’ve associated with a tarot card and for me, the Ace of Cups always makes me think of love.

I do hold onto feelings especially when I’ve been hurt in my past and this isn’t good! Only recently, I was unjustly accused of wrongdoing and I’m still angry about this.

Such feelings are negative and block the flow of healing energy from the Universe. The moon is certainly shining a light on my darker side right now and I now know that I’ve hit the nail on the head.

It’s time for a healing meditation with a crystal that oozes self-love. A crystal that can help me to release emotional pain. Mangano Calcite is a lovely choice, but so is pink Mookaite. These are the two that I’m drawn to, both of which are available from Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool.

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