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Success and the Devil


This is my latest self-therapy session with the tarot and I’ve named it, Success and the Devil. I am feeling successful, but the Devil is my fear.

Success and the Devil – Three card tarot reading
Success and the Devil – Three card tarot reading

Feeling successful with The World

On top of the world is how I’m feeling right now, even though my client didn’t show up for her crystal Reiki. I’m not angry or upset about it. If anything, I’m hoping that she’s OK and instead, I’ll use the time for some self-therapy tarot.

So yes, I’m still celebrating my success of becoming self-employed and doing the job that I’ve dreamed of doing. On the flip side however, I am aware that I will soon be starting a new phase, which is to be expected.

My experience of working with clients and running a business will help me evolve and grow with success. It’s funny because I recently learned that I need to be aware of every opportunity to make money. Unbelievably, I admit I wasn’t!

Being aware of opportunities

On Saturday morning, a potential client asked me if I was free for a service. Unfortunately, I was preparing for a double booking that meant I wasn’t, but things changed at the very last minute. I only had to perform one tarot reading, which left me with a potential loss of earnings.

Mark suggested that I contact my other client and let her know that I’m now free, and in she came.

If Mark hadn’t come to my rescue, I would have been out of pocket. It’s a reminder or a wake up call for me to be more aware of opportunities for the taking. I can’t believe that I didn’t think of this myself.

In time, I would like to expand my knowledge by going on a new course to enhance my existing services. For now though, I need to hone my current skills and get to learn the nitty gritty of running my own business.

Seven of Swords and what’s hidden to me

What I don’t see at this moment in time is the Seven of Swords.

Often I struggle with the sevens as they’re mysterious, secretive, and illusionary. I am aware that I don’t have everything to hand and that I’m not thinking to the best of my ability. I also know that I need to protect my energy because as a healer, I do give a lot of it away.

Is this card indicating that I need to be weary of others as I know that I’m naturally a giving person?

Reading the tarot for yourself is difficult. You must open yourself to all possibilities and challenge your way of thinking. In the picture, the guy is about to walk through a gate to lush countryside, but he’s looking over his shoulder. He’s also left two swords behind while he carries the other five. He looks dodgy!

Could it be that I think I’m on top of the world when in fact I’m not?

Success and The Devil

The third card in this reading is shedding light on my plight, and it’s telling me where I need to focus my energy.

I need to focus on the attributes of THE DEVIL!


Could it be temptation of doing something that I shouldn’t, or am I imposing my own restrictions that prevent me from moving forward?

Whenever this card appears, I always ask, ‘what are your fears right now?

Failure due to a loss of clients from negative people. OK, where has this come from?

Am I allowing my anxiety to rear its ugly head with an irrational fear?

Of course, there are some shenanigans playing out in my environment and there is one female who’s bad mouthing me. This is all she can do!

This isn’t my problem and I’m not taking it on. It’s time that I stop being afraid of putting a foot wrong that potentially could upset others.

Anxiety and Tarot

Suffering from anxiety is something that rears its ugly head in me often. I feel like running away when I get that feeling of impending doom, but avoidance is not the answer. Luckily, I recognise my negative train of thought and I switch it back to one of positivity.

This is the reason why tarot is useful as a form of self-therapy. It makes me challenge my perspective of everything around me. The cards reveal the truth that I’ve subconsciously hidden, and I’m now free to be creative and start a new chapter. I now have that go and get it attitude!

The Gilded Tarot Royale

The tarot deck featured in today’s tarot journal is The Gilded Royale. I always receive a wonderful energy when I use them and they are a favourite of mine for client tarot readings.

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