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Mystical Medleys and Manifestation

Mystical Medleys and Manifestation

My latest post, Mystical Medleys and manifestation features the wonderful cards of Gary Hall together with my thoughts about my current situation. We are proud

desire versus fear
Life Coach

Desire versus Fear

Today, I’m reminded of the importance of not allowing anxiety to steer me away from my heart’s desire. These cards foretell a period of desire

Nine of Cups

Anxiety and the Nine of Cups

Anxiety and The Nine of Cups go hand in hand for me today. This card reminds me how grateful I am for my journey so

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups and Release

This full moon, I asked the Tarot what I need to let go of, and the answer was to release the Ace of Cups. This

Success and the Devil
Life Coach

Success and the Devil

This is my latest self-therapy session with the tarot and I’ve named it, Success and the Devil. I am feeling successful, but the Devil is

Six of Cups
Life Coach

Pleasure and Reflection

The six of cups is a card of pleasure and reflection. It’s about going back to a time of innocence when life was lovely and

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