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Shadow Work


Shadow work will bring you the happiness that you are worthy of, but what is it and how do you do it?

Shadow Work is therapy
Shadow work will bring you the happiness you deserve

As we go through life, our experiences both good and bad shape us into who we are.

When we suffer bad experiences, we can suppress the emotional hurt and avoid feeling that pain. Unfortunately, these repressed feelings will resurface in our negative behaviours that stop us from progressing forward in life.

Signs that you need to perform shadow work

Let’s take a look at some of these negative behaviours that affect our overall wellbeing: –

  • Self-sabotage
  • Procrastination
  • Negative mindset
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Overindulgence
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Negative judgement and labelling of others including ourselves
  • Lack of self-love with constant negative criticism
  • Constant feeling of loss and not knowing your purpose
  • Fear, self-doubt and being controlled by your ego

There are many more negative behaviours, but these should give you an idea of when it’s time for you to perform shadow work.

I use the tarot

Your overall wellbeing will be amplified with regular shadow work. This also means that you will see an improvement in your health that leads you to enjoy life a lot more.

I regularly read tarot cards to investigate mine and my clients shadows, and I find it fascinating. I also feel fantastic when I’ve achieved freedom from my ego.

When reading for myself, I also journal about each one of my tarot spreads as it provides me with further insight into what the cards are revealing.

I won’t lie though and tell you that it’s easy, because it’s not!

You need a great deal of inner strength to be open and honest with yourself so that you can see what you’re suppressing.

Don’t avoid feeling the pain!

Our natural instinct is to avoid at all cost, anything that generates fear or emotional pain. We will put it off to deal with at another time, or unknowingly, we will generate another thought to bury the last one as a form of avoidance. Some of us become very good at doing this and begin to achieve this on auto-pilot. This isn’t good!

Think of the tarot as a mirror that sees beyond your reflection. It reveals these aspects that you have hidden away and it’s a challenge to investigate what that card means for you.

If you would like a tarot reading then please book in here. If you would like to learn tarot reading, and you would like me to teach you, please click here.

Shadow Work Journal

Another method of performing shadow work is to journal your thoughts and emotions that generate fear. Challenge yourself and dig deep to find the first time you felt that fear, and spend some time with it.

Now of course, you need to consider your emotional state before doing this. If you would like professional assistance, please get in touch.

Spending time and feeling that fear removes it from your system and thus frees you up. It allows you to go with the flow of life more, instead of being controlled by your fear or ego. Treat and nourish yourself afterwards with a nice scented bath, or indulge in something that gives you great comfort.

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