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Spirit Beings


Today’s journal, Spirit Beings is about the time I was suffering Sepsis following the removal of my thyroid. Of course, there is no mistaking that I might have been delusional however, my intuition tells me something else.

Spirit Beings plucked out my poison
I’ve tried to replicate the vision I had of these spiritual beings removing the poison, but I’m not a great artist.

Ever since my early twenties, I often see shadows of spirit beings out of the corner of my eye. However, when I look, nothing is there. I first began noticing it when my daughter was about three years old. She had an imaginary friend called Kenny and I was OK with this.

Since then, I accept my growing awareness and I have no trouble sensing a spirit close by. Sometimes when I do Reiki I can sense them and also when I have been in graveyards doing my photography. This is a different story altogether as I like to photograph headstones. You can view more of my photography at my other site

Intuition or fear?

Even now when I think back to my troubles with hyperthyroidism, my intuition was telling me that the operation would go wrong. Of course, I decided to ignore it and treat it as my fear rising. As the doctors would tell me, I cannot stay on medication that isn’t good for me following several relapses. Yes, I gave in and reluctantly went into the hospital for a full thyroidectomy. It was either this or have a drink of a radioactive soup, no thank you!

What should have been an overnight stay in the hospital turned into a fortnight!

Did Spirit Beings Save Me?

To cut a long story short, I remember being in a different room and I couldn’t lie still. I am not sure if this had to do with pain, spasms, or tensing. In addition, I wasn’t alone!

Lots of doctors and nurses where around me, including Mark but no one could calm me. My body was being prodded and poked with various needles. I also remember the bloody catheter being inserted. Also, I felt the presence of fans with hot and cold air at different times. Unfortunately, I must have lost all control and either fell asleep or passed out.

At one point though, I do remember lifting my head up and looking down the bed towards my feet.

Either side of me were spirit beings and I can only describe them as black flames. I know, bizarre right?

They were plucking the poison out of me, just doing their job and that is all I remember of them. I’m not a great artist but I have attempted to show you what I saw.

I can only conclude that it was not my time to leave and therefore, my work is not complete. Following this experience, my journey of progressing spiritually has grown stronger. Thankfully, I know that I am fulfilled with the work I choose to do and I am happy.

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