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Crone Reiki

Gratitude and Reiki

Gratitude and Reiki go hand in hand, but during today’s self-Reiki session, I received profound wisdom that relates to my current situation. Without a doubt,

Free yourself with Jasper
Gemstone Healing

Jasper is a Must Have!

Jasper is a must-have crystal for your collection and if you meditate with crystals, this one will take you on a true adventure. Meditating with

Reiki with Crystals
Gemstone Healing

Crystals with Reiki

Crystals with Reiki when used together are a powerful combination of healing power. In this article, I will share my personal journey of incorporating crystals

Spiritual Beings

Spirit Beings

Today’s journal, Spirit Beings is about the time I was suffering Sepsis following the removal of my thyroid. Of course, there is no mistaking that

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