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Spiritual Progression and Past Lives


Spiritual progression through Reiki is freely available to anyone, no matter what your experience, or knowledge is of Reiki.

Today’s journal is a collection of my thoughts regarding my latest Reiki session. Not only was he a new client of mine, he was also experiencing his very first Reiki session.

His goal was to work on releasing any blockages that were stopping him from his spiritual progression. Little did I know how enlightening this experience would become, for both me and him.

Reiki Spiritual Progression
Spiritual progression using Reiki

Spiritual progression

Firstly, one of the joys of opening your soul is that of experiencing the true essence of Reiki.

It really is a magical experience when you feel gratitude for all of the good things happening around you at this moment in time. Furthermore, I believe that our paths cross for reasons that are contributing to our journey through life. Whether it is spiritual, mental, or physical, we should always truly appreciate it.

For the purpose of anonymity, I will now refer to my client as Ben from here on in.

Ben requested Reiki to clear out anything that is blocking him from growing spiritually. He already has a basic knowledge of chakras, which is extremely limited.

The Reiki session went extremely well and what I learned during the post consultation is blowing my mind. In a good way, of course!

Summarising my feelings during Reiki

Although I was conducting Reiki on a Saturday afternoon, I found myself feeling excited. Sometimes, the noise outside my unit can be quite loud on a Saturday, however, I have grown my confidence and experience of relaxing my clients well.

The Reiki space was feeling nice and calm with a sense of feeling alone, in our own unique space. And, quite bizarrely, I can only describe the space as having a pink sunset glow. This is something that is new to me. Was it the mingling energy of our auras?

I could feel a lot of energy circulating around the heart and sacral chakras. Of course, this settled towards the end of the session. When soothing his aura, I could feel a cold spot near the outside of his right thigh. Now, it wasn’t freezing cold, but I did instinctively sense that this was a hole that needs sealing. Protecting ones energy is very important and as part of a Reiki treatment, we cleanse and heal the aura too.

Ben’s summary of first time Reiki

Here’s the best bit!

During Reiki, I like to begin relaxing my client by taking them to their happy place. Ben’s was in a cottage in front of an open fire, which I thought was lovely.

Following the session, I asked Ben what experiences did they have and he told me that he wasn’t alone in front of the fire. He could hear children laughing and playing and there was a person who was with him throughout the session. They were reassuring him.

Did I feel this persons spirit while cleansing their aura at the end?

Ben went on to explain how safe he was feeling. He could only describe it as being in an egg of protection, which was strong towards the end of the treatment.

Also, the colour yellow was prominent for Ben and this relates to your solar plexus chakra. Of course, you may know that this is situated in between the sacral and heart chakra. Therefore, maybe this is where they may have been struggling with a blockage. When balanced, you are growing your inner strength and are able to focus easily on your quests. Also, you are able to easily control your thoughts and feelings that is essential for any type of progression.

Spiritual progression through past lives

So, here is my summary of the treatment. Of course, I might well be wrong, but in this life, sometimes all we have is our gut feeling, our intuition to guide us.

At this moment in time, I am developing my knowledge and experience of past lives therapy. Indeed, earlier that day, I was reading Judy Halls book, Past Lives Therapy: The Only Introduction You’ll Ever Need. This is a great read and I highly recommend it.

Yes, maybe I am being influenced by my studies however, my intuition is telling me that he maybe was tapping into a past life. At first, my good old inner critic was enjoying telling me how ludicrous I am, but I am challenging it.

Past lives is an important part of our spiritual progression, especially if you believe in soul contracts and karma. Ben has no knowledge of this however, he is wanting to progress spiritually. This leads me to the concept of paths crossing at the right time.

Perhaps, it is our soul contract that this experience occurs to progress us both spiritually. WOW!

Meditation is the way forward on this one, but for now, I must reach out to Ben and find out how he is getting on.

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