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Smokey Quartz and Meditating


Smokey Quartz is one of those beautiful crystals that catches your attention. For a while now, there is this one Smokey Quartz heart that continues calling me. Originally, it was for sale in our shop however, I gave in and now it is mine! Don’t worry though, if you would like a Smokey Quartz heart, we have some more in stock.

Firslty, it is like gazing into a starry sky with lots of potential for magic. Furthermore, I have just completed my first meditating session with it to connect with its energy. My summary is below and all I can say right now is, WOW!

Smokey Quartz Crystal
Smokey Quartz Properties

Smokey Quartz is Calling Me

All crystals have their own unique charm and this particular one has lots of fractures within. From these the light refracts causing a lovely rainbow. Indeed, one of my favourite past times is finding rainbows within crystals. They simply provide me with lots of hope and excitement about my future. I also feel wonderfully lucky when seeing a rainbow.

Meditating with a crystal allows you to connect with its energy. Do you remember me telling you that this crystal has been attracting me for approximately a year?

Well, I finally gave in and I thought that I would treat myself to it. After all, I believe that is the reason why I haven’t sold it. However, I will admit to holding it back in stock for a long time.

Meditating with Smokey Quartz

The rainbow flash within this crystal captures my imagination. It is no surprise then, that while meditating, I begin visualising a rainbow of light above the top of my head. To relax my body, this rainbow of light begins flowing slowly through my chakras, from top to toe. As it gently flows, all of my muscles are relaxing and my body is infused with healing light and protection. Also, it is fair to say that I am also inspired by my practice of self-Reiki.

I begin my journey in a beautiful garden, feeling safe and knowing that the light inside is offering me protection.

I venture down some steps deep into the crystal and a feeling of stability fills my entire being. As I begin looking up at the myriad of stars above me, I feel wonderfully alive. A sense of reaching for the stars along with courage are surging through me. I now realise that this smokey quartz crystal is helping me to achieve my best potential. I’ve well and truly got this!

Following my meditation, I reflect on these feelings and begin thinking to a time when I could have done with this crystal. Well, right now is my answer!

The stresses of applying for a mortgage are enough to send me crazy at times. It is now that I need the crystal’s courage and strength, knowing that I will be OK whatever happens. I can only marvel at the timing of me owning this crystal and using it.

The Magic Continues

Furthermore, the magic of Smokey Quartz continues.

While writing my account of using Smokey Quartz, I spent some time researching how rainbows appear in Quartz. Visiting Truth Minerals will explain how a lot better than I can. Like I said earlier, it is due to the fractures within that refract the light.

Since I was writing about these hearts, I thought I would see how many of them are left in the shop to sell.

There was a tiny one and upon closer inspection, it was slightly damaged. It’s rainbow flash caught my eye, but I saw that the fracture was on the surface. Also, it was quite sharp when running my thumb over it. Both myself and Mark decided that it can’t be sold so, I took it with the intention of giving it to someone who would benefit from its properties. Within the hour, that person walked in!

Gifting a Smokey Quartz Heart

Just now, one of my regular clients popped in to see me for a quick tarot reading. His face was beaming with a large smile and he was definitely in a better place since the last time I saw him. Approximately four weeks ago, his world had fallen apart. He had decisions to make and what a joy it is for me to see him with his beaming smile. Healing will take time however, he is looking forward.

To cut a long story short, he mentioned a fracture in his circumstances that had to happen, and I suddenly thought of the quartz heart.

My customer’s journey of growth and healing is taking a major step forward with moving to a new country. He’s following his dream and he needs the healing properties of Smokey Quartz.

Is this the Universe working for both of us, sharing its magic at a time of upheaval and stress?

My client not only left with a positive outlook, but also a gift of a Smokey Quartz heart.


I don’t know how much I can express my feelings today and what magic it is revealing to me right now. This morning I began meditating with it. This afternoon while writing this, my client visits me and I see how I have helped him get through a devestating period. I see the joy in his face and we both felt the inspiration and power of Smokey Quartz.

We have a heart each and our journeys are well and truly going in the right direction!

UPDATE: Within minutes of me publishing this post, I receive a phone call telling me that the mortgage has been approved. Smokey Quartz is magical!

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