Tag: <span>Chakra</span>

Tag: Chakra

The Power of Green Tourmaline

While meditating with this beautiful piece of Green Tourmaline, I witnessed a vision of something that unnerved me. In my vision, I am walking behind a man through woodland and suddenly, something comes at him causing him to raise his hands to protect himself. I know that I sensed fear …


Dioptase is truly a transformational stone. I even experienced thoughts of a kundalini awakening when meditating with it hence the potential of this magnificent crystal. The other day, a friend of mine gave me a piece of Dioptase, the one that you see in the photograph on this page. I’ve …

Reiki For Anxiety

In my latest journal, I discuss the benefits of receiving Reiki for anxiety, and how it turned my life around. Since incorporating reiki into my life, so many good things are happening. Subsequently, my mental health is on average 90% positive. I personally doubt if anyone can keep 100% positivity, …

Quit Smoking with Reiki

This is my journal about helping Mark to quit smoking with Reiki and gemstone healing. It contains lots of useful advice and information for you to practice healing with your own crystal gemstones.