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Quit Smoking with Reiki


This is my journal about helping Mark to quit smoking with Reiki and crystal healing.

Reiki to quit smoking
Reiki to quit smoking

Mark has a history of attempting to quit smoking, without permanent success. Although he stops for a short while, he never completely quits. However, he is willing to try Reiki and crystals. More importantly though, HE wants to stop smoking permanently.

Crystals to help quit smoking?

It’s very rare these days that I go searching for crystals based on what someone else thinks. I like meditating with my crystals as a way of connecting with their energy. Subsequently, I get a lot more from my crystal healing by doing it this way. Furthermore, it benefits my wellbeing due to practicing mindfulness and exploring my creative side.

I decided on picking a total of seven crystals, one for each of the main chakras.

When selecting crystals, I like to sometimes keep my eyes closed while sensing the crystals energy with my left hand. Indeed, this is how I began choosing most of the crystals with the exception of Mahogany Obsidian. My intuition was strong for choosing this particular crystal.

Root chakra and Mahogany Obsidian

I deliberately chose Mahogany Obsidian for Mark’s root chakra because of its earthy red colour. I was also thinking of the grounding aspect that this crystal can bring to the session. He needs to feel strong and stable.

In regards to drive and motivation, choosing a red crystal could fire up his addiction. Choosing a softer shade of brown will hopefully ground any urges to start smoking. The earthy red of Mahogany Obsidian will cement his belief that he can beat this. In addition, he will feel strong enough to survive the onslaught of negativity that will rise within him.

The black tones of the Mahogany Obsidian will help with repelling any negative energy.

Sacral chakra and Orange Chalcedony

This particular crystal that I’m choosing, isn’t a solid orange. Balancing Mark’s sacral chakra with the right amount of flowing energy is key. Again, I’m ensuring that his addictive personality won’t be fired with overflowing energy. Mark needs passion and to start building his self-esteem. I want him to remain feeling positive. If he starts struggling with cravings, I want Mark to be creative with finding solutions.

Solar plexus chakra and golden Tigers Eye

Golden Tiger’s Eye was the crystal I intuitively chose to place over Mark’s solar plexus chakra. When using my intention, I’m believing that Tiger’s Eye will help him keep controlling his thoughts, and emotions.

The golden tones of Tiger’s Eye bring focus and clarity therefore assisting Mark to accomplish his goal. Positive thoughts create positive energy that’s required to manifest his vision of being smoke free. Finally, think about the qualities of a Tiger that Mark needs such as, control, stamina and strength.

Heart Chakra and Rhyolite

I intuitively chose Rhyolite to place over Mark’s heart chakra even though it’s not a crystal that I’m familiar with. However, I’ve since done a lot of meditation with Rhyolite and below is a summary of my thoughts.

I’m always drawn to patterns and on this crystal I am seeing rivers of flowing energy. These rivers are separating the different shades of green and golden browns. The swirls of colours indicate energy and transformation. Rhyolite makes me feel that there is movement of energy and the word transformation jumps out at me.

Green is a healing colour representing growth and transition. There’s a lot of healing required for Mark to overcome his smoking addiction.

I asked him what feelings he gets from smoking and he told me that it calms him down. He feels relaxed and chilled.

He needs to find it in his heart to feel the same way when he focuses on being smoke free.

To transform his life, he needs to believe that he’s better than his addiction.

I believe that Rhyolite will help him do this. Concentrating on the small patches of red, I’m sensing passion. With the beautiful tones of gold, and yellow, I’m sensing that this will help him begin focusing on his goal. I don’t think I could have chosen a better crystal.

Throat chakra and yellow Agate

I was hesitating with my choice of Yellow Agate for placing onto Mark’s throat chakra. However, my intuition was telling me to stick with it. It’s interesting because this crystal’s colour matches the colour of nicotine stains. It’s also the colour representing the element of air. I believe that yellow Agate is a good choice of crystal. It will assist with manifesting his goal of giving up smoking.

It’s at the solar plexus chakra that Mark manifested the thought of giving up smoking. By placing the yellow Agate upon the first of his spiritual chakras, his goal is cemented. It now becomes a reality! In addition, he now has the power and energy to succeed with his quest to quit smoking.

Brow chakra and Labradorite

Labradorite is one of my favourite, working crystals and I chose this for Mark’s brow chakra. Also, I couldn’t help noticing the shimmering colours of gold reflecting beautifully upon its surface. The journey of manifesting his goal to quit smoking is now a reality at mind level.

The real beauty of Labradorite is the array of colours and patterns in the one stone.

Turning Labradorite in different directions will showcase its many other colours including the most beautiful tones of midnight blue. Just think about watching twinkling stars against a deep blue sky. Now start thinking about the shades of green for growth and those yellows and golds. Going for gold comes to my mind. I’m sure you can begin feeling the magic of transformation that beckons.

Labradorite can provide balance between the love of himself and the love of nicotine. Mark needs to fully embrace his inner voice telling him to give up smoking.

The different tones of blues and greens within Labradorite provide further healing energy and will calm his mental state.

Crown chakra and Fire Agate

The final crystal I’m choosing for use with Mark’s crown chakra is Fire Agate, but why?

I’m trying to work out why I’m using Fire Agate as it does have a strong energy. However, in this particular crystal, there are shades of white representing pure spirit and healing energy.

It maybe as simple as Fire Agate providing Mark with passion and much needed pure, healing energy to quit smoking.

I asked Mark to begin studying the Fire Agate and tell me what words come to his mind. He told me, swirly and bubbly. Could Mark be describing the energy he will be requiring to give up smoking?

Quit Smoking Update

During the first 4 days following treatment, Mark has become extremely agitated and is struggling with his attention span.

22 April 2020 Update

Today, Mark has lost count of how many days he’s been smoke free. It’s been at least a week now.

25 August 2022 Update

Mark is still not smoking. Reiki and crystals worked on this occasion, but Mark did also want to quit.

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