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Using your psychic abilities


Did you know that you have been using your psychic abilities all your life?

Examples of using them include: –

  • Trusting your gut feeling
  • Thinking of someone and they turn up out of the blue
  • Knowing something and then finding out it’s true.

These are some of the most common psychic abilities that we all use or experience quite often.

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a psychic, you can stop right there.

You are psychic, we all are!

It is something that you are born with. Unfortunately, for any number of reasons, a lot of people don’t adopt and hone their ability to use their psychic skills more often.

During childhood, your psychic abilities were naturally at their strongest.

In my own case, I used to have the ability to leave my body and I often had a feeling that I was being watched.

Let your psychic abilities flow
Let your psychic abilities flow

Children and their psychic abilities

My daughter Kerry acquired an imaginary friend.

Kerry was about 3 or 4 years old at the time, and she used to play with Kenny a lot, especially at night. I would listen to her having a conversation and there was no mistaking that she was talking to someone.

On other occasions, I would catch glimpses of Kenny out of the corner of my eye. He would be running quickly, and I only saw what I could describe as a black shape and no, it wasn’t a shadow.

I am sceptical and I did look for reasons to explain what I was seeing. In the end, I had no issue with trusting my intuition or gut feeling that this shadow like figure was a small boy about the age of 4 to 5 years old.

Children are in tune with their psychic abilities as they have no fears to hold them back.
As a parent or guardian, what do you say to your child if they tell you they have seen someone who you can’t see, or they tell you about a past life of theirs?

Your reaction will condition them. If you’re fearful, your child will become fearful of using what I believe and consider to be a skill that we are all born with.

Children and past lives

When my granddaughter was about 4 years old, me and my partner Mark took her to the local cemetery, here in Liverpool.

She told us about visiting the cemetery before with her mummy before dying in her mummy’s tummy.

Knowing what I know now, I wish that I had asked her questions with the emphasis on investigating further. I have tried since, but she doesn’t remember saying anything.

Using your psychic abilities

The main purpose of this journal is to offer you some suggestions to increase the use of your psychic abilities.

Investing your time and energy by working with your abilities, ultimately gives you strength.

Your first hurdle is having an idea of what you would like to do.

Perhaps you want to become a medium, or perhaps you want to read the tarot, or read palms. Whatever you choose to do, trusting and using your intuition will be your foundation.

The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was trusting my intuition and not allowing my fear to hold me back. Am I good enough, is a question I repeatedly ask myself.

I suppose I feared failing, however, I chose and stuck with my tarot reading because instinctively, I know that it’s good for my well-being and my client’s well-being.

Firstly, what is it that you would like to try?

Choose what your heart is telling you to choose. Trust your intuition and practice!

Practice makes perfect!

Practice with friends and family or even with yourself. Just practice!

Secondly, what is the Universe telling you?

Within the last six months, I’ve accepted the signs from the Universe that I should practice mediumship.

Becoming a Medium

I’ve often thought about this, but I most certainly have allowed fear to hold me back.

Lately, and through no intention of my own, I keep on meeting mediums. They visit me for a tarot reading and they ask me if they can give me a message. I always say yes and mostly, they give me information about my guides. By coincidence, I’m often wondering who my guides might be?

Using your psychic abilities
Using your psychic abilities

Of course, the sceptic in me tells me that it’s because of my profession that I will meet mediums. That may be, however, it sparks that deep want inside of me to explore using my psychic abilities in a new way. My intuition is telling me that it’s a sign!

Furthermore, my Reiki Master Pauline took it upon herself to teach me channelling skills when I wasn’t expecting it. She put her glasses in my hand and told me to close my eyes and tell her what comes to mind. Of course, I felt put on the spot however, while holding her glasses I allowed myself to relax and go with the flow. Just simply say what comes to my mind because I’ve learned not to allow my fear to stop me from learning.

When are you going to go with the flow?

At some point, you must decide if you’re going to trust your intuition and go with the flow.

Lately I’ve become more receptive to spirits, which is an obvious sign from the Universe.

Finally, and out of the blue, my daughter has started attending a spiritual church to learn medium skills. She then came round and after a bit of coaxing she tested her new skills out on me and passed on some information from my Nana. Everything she told me about how to start practicing this new found skill was what I’ve already learned, but from other sources.

Again, I see these as signs from the Universe that I’m ready to learn more.

Growing my psychic abilities

My journey of enhancing my psychic abilities started with my Reiki.

It’s a well-known benefit following your Reiki 2 attunement that your psychic abilities will grow stronger.

Also, I’m now a certified clinical hypnotherapist and here’s where my trust in my intuition and knowing has taken on another level.

As part of my hypnotherapy course, past life regression was something that I learned about and experienced.

Pauline my tutor was relaxing me into hypnosis and of course, I was fully aware of the other students listening and watching me. My ego was obviously on alert, doing its best to warn me of potential shame or embarrassment. It didn’t happen!

I remember Pauline asking me while under hypnosis, what I could see around me, and I felt anxious. I just had a terrible feeling that I was going to fail at the first hurdle.

If I was to sit there and be waiting for hypnosis to fail, it certainly will fail. As a client, you cannot be restricting it in any way otherwise it won’t work. I had to let go of my fear and self-doubt.

Don’t question it!

Just let it flow and once you do this, the results can be magical.

Since finishing my hypnotherapy training, I’ve found my psychic senses becoming stronger. The same can be said of learning Reiki.
In addition, since choosing to do Reiki and tarot reading as a full-time career, the more I do it, the stronger my psychic senses are becoming. Honestly, the more you practice and use your skills, the easier it becomes.

I’ve noticed a recent change during my tarot readings for client’s. I can only describe it as a deep, very deep urge to say something specific to them and I now go with the flow. I’m no longer afraid.

Test your child’s psychic abilities

On a final note, practicing your psychic abilities with your child can be fun.

I did this with my granddaughter Ash the other night.

I took ten cards numbered 1 to 10. After shuffling I picked out a card and I beamed the number to her. She had to guess the number. The results were surprising as she performed much better than I did. It was such a great exercise for teaching her how to ground her breath first and then how to trust her intuition.

Practice makes perfect, so give it a go!

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