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Third Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon

I firmly believe that the third quarter moon is just as important as the new moon or the full moon. It’s especially true if you

Using your psychic abilities

Using your psychic abilities

Did you know that you have been using your psychic abilities all your life? Examples of using them include: – These are some of the

Reiki Journal cool water
Reiki Journal

Dipping my Hands in Cool Water

In today’s Reiki Journal, I write about the sensation of dipping my hands in pools of cool water during a Reiki session. When channelling Reiki

Feather touches during Reiki
Reiki Journal

Feather Touches during Reiki

Today, I write about feeling the lightest of feather touches during Reiki that I feel on my hands and fingers. Have you felt this or

Drawing out negative energy
Reiki Journal

Drawing out negative energy

As a Reiki practitioner, how do you know that you’re drawing out negative energy? The answer is that you will feel it and a conversation

Feeling lost

Feeling Lost

When you are feeling lost and you have no motivation, please don\’t succumb to it. We all feel like this at times and it\’s what makes us human.

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