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Desire versus Fear


Today, I’m reminded of the importance of not allowing anxiety to steer me away from my heart’s desire. These cards foretell a period of desire versus fear but thankfully, I have experience of being in this situation.

Each morning, and as part of my self-therapy care, I like to perform a three-card tarot reading.

  • Firstly, what is my present situation and how do I feel about it?
  • Secondly, what am I not seeing or feeling?
  • Thirdly, what do I need to focus on?

I like to do these readings first thing because I get so much positive energy from performing shadow work. Clearly, doing this in the morning provides me with a positive mindset to carry on through for the rest of the day. Finally, I can prepare for any eventuality if I’m forewarned. There’s nothing worse than being controlled by your emotions.

Desire versus fear
Desire versus fear

Desire Versus Fear

To begin with, the card of Judgement is in the position that represents my present situation and feelings.
This is the card that requires action based on my intuition. It arises when I’m allowing fear to hold me back and inner conflict arises as I battle with my heart’s desire.

It calls for action and to make the right decision. To do this correctly, I must reflect back to a time when I felt similar feelings.

  • What did I learn from my personal choices?
  • Upon reflection, how do I judge myself?

The last time I felt seriously anxious when making a decision, was the decision to give up my career and follow my heart. This is all I can think of when looking at these three cards.

My Desire

Previously, my desire was so incredibly strong. Above anything else, my calling was to work for myself as a healing therapist. My intuition was constantly calling me to hand in my notice and say good bye to my long time career.

Of course, it’s not a clever idea to give up a career, or a job position if you’ve got no back up. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you’re making the right decision. My task was to discover if it was my career choice, or the company I worked for that was providing me with heartache?

Amazingly, I got myself a new position in a different company along with a substantial pay rise. Within six months, I handed in my notice as I finally figured out that health and safety was no longer my calling.

My Fear

It won’t surprise you to learn that my biggest fear was not being able to support myself financially, and I could have easily allowed this to hold me back.

Never let fear hold you back!

You need to debunk your fear, stop procrastinating and it’s as simple as that!

I just had to plan things carefully and I’ve never looked back.

Three Card Tarot Reading

So it would appear that today, I’m either going to face these same feelings, or I will be helping someone with theirs.

The second card in this spread is The Magician, and this refers to what I’m not seeing, or feeling.

Again, action is required and I have my resources that will help me move forward. I just need to figure out the best way of achieving this, or to 100% believe in myself.

Finally, the Eight of Swords which screams ANXIETY is what I need to be focusing on. I believe that it’s a clear case of reminding me to never hold back on doing something or saying how I feel.

Summary Desire Versus Fear

It turned out that I was compelled to speak my mind on a particular topic. I initially paused and I asked myself, should I speak up here? Guaranteed in the past, my ego would have told me not to.

Today however, I spoke my mind and I got my feelings off my chest.

Failure to have done so would only have played further on my mind, and possibly impact my throat chakra. It was certainly negative energy that I released quickly and in a controlled manner, and guess what?

Nothing bad happened. 🙂

Tarot Readings in Liverpool

If you would like clarity on a situation, or to find out what’s most important for you to hear today, my tarot reading service is just for you. You will find me in St John’s Market in Liverpool city centre. Also, if you would like help in facing your fear, please get in touch.

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