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Feather Touches during Reiki


Today, I write about feeling the lightest of feather touches during Reiki that I feel on my hands and fingers. Have you felt this or something similar?

Feather touches during Reiki
Feather touches during Reiki

Firstly, my Reiki journal is a collection of my thoughts and musings about my experiences of giving and receiving Reiki. Please click here to view my Reiki Journal.

Secondly, it’s my goal to promote the beauty of natural energy healing, and I hope that I inspire you. I also encourage my Reiki students to journal about their experiences as it’s a beautiful method of expanding our knowledge.

Feeling feather touches during Reiki

I first wrote about feeling the lightest of feather touches brushing against my hand back in early 2019. Sometimes I will also feel it on my fingers, but it’s only a couple of times during a session.

It feels like a strand of hair that’s fallen from my head and lands on my arm. Each time I feel it, I always look and there is nothing there. So, what could this mean?

I see this as my Reiki guides or angels providing me with reassurance during a Reiki session.

Trusting my intuition

When practicing any kind of holistic treatment, it’s important that you learn to trust in your intuition. I’m 100% relaxed when I feel this sensation, and I’m sure that I’m not on my own. Indeed, I have had a couple of clients tell me that they’ve also felt it.

Feather symbology

Finally, let’s not forget about feather’s symbolising the presence of a guardian angel or a loved one’s spirit. Across many cultures, they are seen as connections to the Universe or Divine. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me that I believe that my guides and those of my client are present.

Amanda and her Reiki

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Amanda is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.


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