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Mastering my energy

Mastering my energy

In my latest journal, I’m exploring the subject of mastering my energy and how I’m using the moon’s energy to manifest my goals. I’ll begin with this

Gifts of the Universe

Gifts from the Universe

Do you believe that you can receive gifts from the Universe? I 100% believe that the Universe constantly sends you magical gifts that are in

Have faith in the Universe

Faith in the Universe

In my latest journal, I talk about my strong faith in the universe while explaining how my tarot reading and self-care routine, plays its part.

Manifesting Wealth
Life Coach

Manifesting Wealth

Today’s subject is manifesting wealth and The Law of Attraction. The Ten of Coins Inheritance and Planning The tarot card of the day is the

Meditation & Mindfulness

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a key concept of mindfulness that will bring you joy and positivity. Therefore, if you want to be feeling great, all of

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