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Jasper is a Must Have!


Jasper is a must-have crystal for your collection and if you meditate with crystals, this one will take you on a true adventure.

Free yourself with Jasper

Meditating with Jasper

All Jasper’s are well known for their nurturing qualities however, Jasper connects you with your senses especially when meditating with it. My adventure took me into my garden and I began not only visualising how I would like it, I was well and truly immersed in it. Who needs a garden designer when you have Jasper?

Firstly, it is one of the coldest days this year as December looms. Why I began picturing myself in my garden and walking down the steps, I do not know. But, here I was! It must be due to the lovely natural and warming colours of brown, orange, red, green, grey and white. Rare variations include lilac and blue.

Before me lay my large fire pit (I don’t have one, yet!), and the flames were dancing high. Curving high behind was a feature wall with beautiful lights that were fashioned out of coloured glass. Recycling was a strong feature of my manifestation. There was also a covering on this wall that reflected the heat back towards me and without a doubt, I was feeling the warm glow while listening to the snap, crackle, and pop of the logs in the pit.

Above me was a beautiful full moon, beaming her lovely healing energy upon me.

Suddenly, I became aware of connecting with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water as I became aware of the faint sound of trickling water. This was coming from the natural pond behind the fire pit wall. Together with the healing energy of the moon, I felt the nurturing goodness that I was receiving.

Of course, this crystal brings balance from a mind, body, and soul perspective. There is nothing better than being outside fully immersing your senses in nature’s offerings. Visions of people enjoying this with me and marshmallows on sticks were filling my mind.


I most certainly wasn’t expecting this adventure however, it is most definitely one that I will be creating. The sense of being with others and harnessing natural, healing energy is very strong. No wonder Jasper is renowned for relieving problems and negative energy. When you’re fully immersing yourself in the present moment by using your senses, you don’t have a care in the world!

Buy yourself a chunk of Jasper because you will not regret it!

I also highly recommend using it with your Reiki treatment. If you would like to learn about using crystals with Reiki or indeed, learn Reiki, please click here.


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