Limiting Self-Beliefs

Limiting Self-Beliefs

Today I’m taking an objective look at my limiting self-beliefs and surprisingly, my timing is perfect as I’m currently preparing for the Balsamic moon in 2 days time.

Limiting Self-Beliefs
What are your limiting self-beliefs?

Balsamic Moon

When using moon magic to manifest my desires, it’s important that I use her energy at the right time. You can find out more about moon magic here.

It’s during the waning phase of her cycle that we release what no longer serves us. Limiting self-beliefs will hold us back from achieving our dreams.

Currently, I do feel like a cloud hangs over me although I don’t feel overly negative. I do know however, that my intuition is telling me to pause as something isn’t quite right. I trust my gut feelings.

Furthermore, in various tarot spreads, the ‘Eight of Swords’ keeps on appearing. This symbolises that I’m holding myself back. In my favourite deck, the Murder of Crows, the character appears to be tied in knots, and is struggling to be freed.

Tied up in knots with the eight of swords
Eight of Swords from the Murder of Crows

What is a limiting self-belief?

Over time, we form beliefs from our experiences in life. These self-beliefs are thoughts that we keep on thinking, and if negative, they can prevent us from enjoying life. Therefore, performing such an important exercise can be life changing.

Those that are positive for example, ‘I love reading the tarot‘, inspired me to do it as a living.

If I had a limiting self-belief for example, ‘I’m not good with communication‘, this could have held me back from doing what I love.

It’s good to reassess our self-belief system every now and again, and I feel that the time is right for me to do this again.

I also feel that there’s more for me to do with my business, Gemstone, Tarot and Healing. Unfortunately, if I think of ways of progressing, I’m hit with a mental block.

  • Therefore, my first question today is, what are my limiting beliefs?
  • Is it true, is there anything that counteracts this belief?
  • More importantly, what is the benefit of holding onto a negative self-belief?

There are never any quick fixes when it comes to nurturing your inner soul

Amanda Norman

There are no quick fixes

This is no easy task and you have to set time and space to think about this honestly. Below is an example of one of my negative self-beliefs that will hopefully show you the power these can hold over you.

  • What is your negative self-belief?
    • I’m extremely fat and ugly! 🙁
  • Is this true, is there anything that counteracts this belief?
    • People tell me how beautiful my daughter is. Lots of people comment how we look alike
    • I’m often complimented on my skin and looks for my age
    • I have a partner who loves me and I have family who love me

Know that if you face this task half heartedly, you’re going to get nowhere. It can turn into an emotional battle with your ego mind. Always listen to your inner voice, the one that loves you.

Did I feel any better when I discovered facts that counteracted my negative self-belief?

No, not at first, but this is OK. I felt stronger and I wasn’t wanting to run away from the task at hand.

  • What is the benefit then of holding onto to this limiting belief?
    • I remain safe and not at risk of being cheated on and hurt if I’m fat and ugly

What a shocker!

I still feel the same way now as I did back then when I discovered my so called benefit of holding onto this horrible limiting belief.

  • How was this belief limiting to me when I had a partner?
    • I didn’t trust him. I thought if he would see me naked or looking ugly that he would leave me
    • It’s good to be fat and ugly as I don’t have to risk a relationship with anyone

It really does open up a can of worms when you start working on this. Again, you work through the questions by asking yourself what is true that counteracts this belief?

He’s still with me after 7 years and so on.

Hopefully you can see why this negative self-belief is truly limiting. I wasn’t happy with myself, or life. In fact, I wasn’t living life. I was simply existing!

Furthermore, I know that I upset my partner as he could see what I was doing to myself, and no matter what he said, I didn’t want to hear it.

I finished off setting myself affirmations to change my self-beliefs. Challenging them is your first and biggest step that you can take, and honestly, they lose their grip. You will also find out a lot about yourself, while freeing yourself up to bloody well get on, and enjoy life. Finally, I do still repeat my affirmation every now and again, which helps me.

My beauty radiates deep from my soul. I am love!

Amanda Norman

I’m no longer ashamed when I look at myself in the mirror. Most times, I smile and tell myself how I look fantastic today. Because I’m not fearful about the way I look and maybe treated because of it, my holistic business grows. I meet the most wonderful people on a daily basis. Life is good!

Using the tarot to work out limiting self-beliefs

I also use the tarot to help me figure out my limiting self-beliefs.

Shadow Work is therapy
Shadow Work is therapy

Shadow work with the tarot is an essential part of my self-therapy as I love to challenge myself. The tarot helps me to objectively think deeply about those parts of my psyche that would normally remain hidden.

With the moon waning, it’s the perfect time to use her magic to help me release what no longer serves me.

Wish me luck in figuring out my goals this time!