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Seeing Green During her Reiki Attunement


Emma was seeing green during her Reiki attunement and this post explores the possible reason as to why. My name is Amanda and I love Reiki with a passion. These Reiki journals are collections of my thoughts and experiences that I wish to share, in the hope that it enlightens you.

Seeing green during Reiki
Seeing green during Reiki

It’s always important to ask your student or client about their experiences during Reiki. This helps them to comprehend it and allows you to grow your knowledge and wisdom of Reiki.

Seeing Green During Reiki

Emma was taken aback by the vivid explosion of green on her first attunement and asked me what it meant.

Emma’s back story of wanting to be attuned to Reiki is due to her anxiety. Also, from simply talking to her throughout the morning I knew that there was heartfelt pain locked away in her heart. So, I asked her what she thought it could mean and she didn’t know.

She had no knowledge of chakras and had never received a full Reiki treatment. During a sound bath, someone had applied Reiki briefly to her head and she had enjoyed the experience. She was following her inuition and taking challenging steps by attending her attunement. Anxiety was no longer holding her back!

Therefore, and because she was feeling good, I advised her that I believe she is possibly letting go of deep seated trauma that she has been holding around her heart. It was a significant moment for the both of us and following each of her attunements that day, four in total, we were both in awe. It really was a profound moment as clearly from her heart up to her crown, stagnant energy was clearly being dissolved. Her green throughout the day changed to shades of dark purple and then light clearly resonating with the spiritual chakras.

I hope this helps you to work on the meaning of seeing colours during Reiki. If you would like to attend one of my workshops to learn more, please get in touch.

Amanda and her Reiki

If you would like to book a Reiki treatment, please visit my Reiki in Liverpool page. I also have a Reiki FAQ page and if you would like an attunement to Reiki, please visit my Reiki training page.

Amanda is a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

You may disagree with my findings and you are perfectly fine to do so. I only ask that you remember that I’m documenting my own personal experiences as part of my learning. I’m very open to receiving your opinions and thoughts as long as they are construct

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