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Meditating with Clear Fluorite


This is my journal of what I experienced and learned while meditating with clear Fluorite. It revealed so much wisdom and clarity.

Meditating with clear Fluorite
Meditating with clear Fluorite

I begin my meditation by centring my breathing and then examining my chosen crystal. I spend a couple of minutes doing this before closing my eyes and allowing my journey to begin. What a journey it was!

Stillness of Mountains

I was thinking of mountains before I started meditating with clear Fluorite. I’m obviously inspired by the numerous white peaks that can be seen, and it does make me feel that one can reach their full potential with this crystal.

My journey took me high above the mountains, which was all I could see for miles around me. I was viewing their magnificence from the eye of a bird, gently soaring without a care in the world.

Meditating with clear Fluorite

From deep within me a voice whispered and asked me to think about the mountains and their significance. Of course this voice is my soul communicating with me during my moment of healing.

Meditation alone is a lovely method of healing, but if you add a crystal, you get double the healing energy.

Mountains remain still while the world continues transforming around them. They stand strong and proud through all types of weather and seasons.

Meditating with clear Fluorite has made me realise that I too can be like a mountain. My inner strength is strong so that I can withstand the many changes I endure. Transformation will always happen, but it’s how I react that matters.

Crown Chakra and Clear Fluorite

Clear Fluorite should resonate beautifully with your crown chakra also, your journey through life is to reach a place of knowing.

When you develop and practice being spiritual, you begin to feel at one with the Universe, or you feel a connection with the DIVINE. It’s here that you develop a sense of knowing and profound wisdom.

Those days of being controlled by my emotions and ego are long gone.

Sure I falter at times as I’m only human, but I know when it happens as I’m no longer on auto-pilot. When I do catch myself struggling, I consider it to be a message from the Universe telling me that I’m slipping. It’s time to go and do something that fills my heart with joy, and happiness.

Today’s meditating with clear Fluorite reminded me strongly that I can let go of my troubles and simply be. I can escape to a land of stillness and contemplate the beauty of life.

When I want to connect with source energy, clear Fluorite is the crystal to help me achieve it.

Clear Fluorite helps me to build my inner strength while providing me with a sense of stillness, and peace. I now feel whole and at one with the Universe. I also know what it feels like to manifest your dreams.

Even before I began meditating with it, I was feeling its strong vibrational pull and I knew that I had to accept its calling. I’m glad that I did!

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