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Faith in the Universe


In my latest journal, I talk about my strong faith in the universe while explaining how my tarot reading and self-care routine, plays its part.

Faith in the Universe
Faith in the Universe

Having a strong faith in the Universe is a fundamental part of my self-care routine as it helps me with the following: –

  • Going with the flow, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is especially true if you’ve struggled with it for a long time
  • Keeping a positive mindset as it’s easy to lose focus
  • Manifesting my dreams

Law of Attraction

To bring your dreams to life, it’s vitally important that you believe and feel positive. This is because you attract everything that’s on a similar vein.

Putting it simply, if you feel great first thing in the morning, you’re setting yourself up for a fantastic day. When the sun is shining, I’m full of optimism and creativity, but what if it’s dark and wet?

A great self-care routine is the answer!

Having a self-care routine that’s full of the things that you LOVE doing, will keep you in a positive mindset no matter what the weather.

My self-care routine

Firstly, I practice my gratitude and self-love and it’s this that builds my faith in the Universe. Why would I expect anyone else to love me if I don’t nurture and love myself?

Secondly I meditate and it’s true that the more you practice something, the easier and better it becomes. The key is not to have expectations if you’re new to it. I can’t get enough of meditating and going to my happy place or connecting to a crystal to feel its energy.

Thirdly, I read my tarot cards as a form of shadow work. It’s really important to dive in and see what makes you tick, or why you react to situations in a particular way. The tarot cards will highlight these issues and challenge you to face them. Mine this morning were mind blowing! I will explain more in a moment.

Take myself for a mindful walk and reconnect with nature while using my senses. I love to walk along the Dingle promenade here in Liverpool.

Finally, I do something creative as this helps me to stay in the present moment and away from unnecessary thoughts.

Life isn’t a quick fix

Manifesting your dreams isn’t as simple as putting your wish out there and hoping it will come true. Life isn’t about quick fixes either!

The amount of time and energy you invest in something, is important and you can do this easily.

Get yourself a nice looking journal and a feel good pen, you know the type, you simply love how it feels and flows when you write. Start your day with writing your gratitude and building your self-love.

Building my faith in the Universe

While you’re drinking your morning cuppa, write down everything that made you feel good and put a smile on your face, that occurred in the last 24 hours.

Remember that this is your journal and you’re writing for you, not anyone else. Be honest about what made you feel great.

Next write anything down that you’re really grateful for and made a difference to how you feel.

Finally, write how it made you FEEL! This helps you to focus and feel positive energy.

The benefits of this are: –

  • It builds your positive mindset and thus makes you feel great
  • While feeling great, you attract greatness into your life
  • You understand how the Universe is working to deliver you what you desire. This is the key to building your faith in the universe

Tarot is my self-therapy

As I said earlier, my tarot cards for the day were totally mind blowing and I’m finding it hard to put into words. My energy was lifted even higher.

Firstly, the Five of Wands that represented how I was feeling was spot on!

I have been feeling pressured lately into trying to make my business work.

Due to COVID and having to learn new techniques like marketing and profiling, I’ve been finding it all a bit overwhelming. At times, I’ve thought that I might have made a mistake by resigning from a well paid job to go forward with my dream. I’ve also felt like I’m not good enough to do this!

I’ve also been putting too much focus into the business and none into my relationships. No wonder I feel stressed and at a crossroads. There’s no balance, or should I say, there was no balance prior to this reading. 🙂

At the end of the day, I’m only human. It’s also my opinion that it’s impossible to stay positive ALL OF THE TIME, no matter who you are.

The key to maintaining a positive mindset is knowing when you’re slipping and then working it out. A tarot is a great method of doing this.

The Knight of Swords represented what’s hidden from me. What is it that I need to know that I don’t know already?

Keeping my faith in the Universe

This card was my biggest challenge in the reading, because I’m having to be fully honest with myself, which isn’t easy. The value of this card reminded me to keep my faith in the Universe.

Normally, I charge ahead when an idea comes to mind and I have to act on it straight away, without thinking. This is a problem and I know that this is a weakness of mine. It’s also very apt with how I’m feeling at present.

The Knight is about action, but he holds his sword in the air. You either live by the sword or you die by the sword and it swings both ways. If I’m foolish and I don’t heed the cards advice and continue to act without thinking, I will fail.

I need to trust my instinct as I know that what I do is for the higher good of myself and anyone who interacts with me. Therefore, it’s essential to keep my faith in the Universe. Things are working out for me.

Be creative with the Page of Wands

The final card that represents what I should focus on today, is the Page of Wands.

I love being creative and I love to write. Why should I not do the things that I get most enjoyment out of?

My first thought this morning was to create a new bracelet for upcoming Mother’s Day. This gives me so much peace and feelings of love when I do this. My other favourite past time is to journal, here on my blog, hence this post that I’ve enjoyed immensely, and I hope you have too!

Faith in the Universe conclusion

I do look forward to receiving the message that the Page of Wands is going to deliver. Whatever this message is, my faith in the Universe makes me believe that it will be good news about Gemstone Healing. Time will tell!

To summarise this journal, if I didn’t have a self-care routine, I would be overcome with feelings of overwhelm that could possibly lead to anxiety or worse. I know that in my past, my anxiety stemmed from a lack of self-love and nurturing. Not anymore!

Feel free to ask me any questions about my life coaching and tarot reading services.

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