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Pleasure and Reflection


The six of cups is a card of pleasure and reflection. It’s about going back to a time of innocence when life was lovely and calm, but what message does it hold for me now?

Pleasure and reflection with the six of cups
The Six of Cups – Pleasure and Reflection

Each morning, I perform a three card spread with the tarot to gain a perspective of where I am and what lies ahead. The second card, which was the six of cups, is always a challenge as its the most important card of the reading. I’m hiding something that is affecting my way of life.

So, how does this relate to what I’m not seeing about myself?

The answer was to meditate and to take myself back to a time when I was naïve, and I didn’t have a care in the world.

I find myself reflecting on my childhood, unaffected by the strain and pressure of every day living. What stood out for me was my passion and pleasure for exploration, and creativity.

Pleasure and Reflection

Exploration and adventure are highlights of my childhood. Those were the days when me and my friends would take ourselves off somewhere exciting, giving us a great sense of pleasure.

Looking back and thinking about health, and safety as it is today, it’s a wonder I’m here to write this.

One time, me and a friend went exploring in the fields at the back of his house and we came across a large excavation pit with some scaffolding at the bottom. We must have been about 7 or 8 years old and we climbed down into the mud, but I remember getting stuck on the way out. The fear of falling into the pit as I hung onto dear life was terrifying and my friend ran, and got his dad who rescued me.

Then there’s the time when a gang of us decided to explore the stream that separated two streets. It was thick with undergrowth and trees and we all made it through. I remember how exciting it was and how we worked together to succeed.

Also prominent in my recollection of my childhood was a female artist in Heysham Village. She had a studio and I remember drawing a picture of a tiger’s face for her, which she put up on her wall for all to see. I remember the feeling of accomplishment and joy and I’m sure I drew lots more for her.

What’s the hidden message of the Six of Cups?

So, what is the message that will help me to see what I’m hiding?

Following on from my meditation, old memories kept resurfacing. One in particular came like a bolt and hit me hard.

‘Why don’t you leave the past behind Mandy?’
‘There’s nothing for you in the past and you have to move on.’

Those words came from a very unsavoury figure from my family. I can’t even bare to say his name because he turned out to be one of the worst people I’ve ever known.

It’s quite shocking when you grow up with someone who you think has got your back, and then you become enlightened to how ugly, and deceiving, they really are.

Unfortunately, a few of us girls in my family were his victims and I’m now questioning the significance of leaving my past behind.

Should memories be left in the past?

From a life coaching perspective, we shouldn’t dwell in the past. We should acknowledge it and when we are ready to move on, we should do so. We’re usually ready to move on when we learn something from our experiences, which will help us with our future, and I totally understand this aspect.

I had a traumatic childhood that ended my days of going on an adventure with friends. I lost all my original friends due to moving locations and starting life again, which was exceedingly difficult for me.

He had forbidden me to talk about my past!

I reflect as a young teenager how good it felt to release that fear and anguish with my new friends who I confided in.

He was teaching me to avoid and bury it, which of course affected my adult life. Receiving counselling and having the freedom to speak freely, would have been a more suitable approach. I believe his motives were purely selfish!

Forgiveness can be difficult, but harbouring negative emotions isn’t good.

By forgiving him, I release what I no longer need, allowing for positive energy to take its place. The best part of this is, I don’t have to forgive him in person. I can revel in the release and freely move forward. Do I forgive him though?

Not as such but I’m forgiving myself for harbouring negative thoughts and not moving on with my life sooner than I should have. This is what frees me!

My pleasure and reflection summary

It’s the sense of adventure and exploration that provided me with lots of pleasure. It’s recognising that my past isn’t about trauma, but it’s what my life was before that happened. I was happy and fully immersed in the present moment and having lots of fun.

My life isn’t my trauma!

Lockdown is ebbing away at me a little. I need to get out and explore the countryside, explore different towns and cultures. It’s time to grab my camera and retrieve that sense of adventure, and learn new things. Roll on the end of lockdown!

I also need to speak out when I’m feeling frustrated instead of bottling it up. This allows for change to happen.

Finally, the Ace of Pentacles was the last card in the spread that shows me what to focus on. I’m embarking on new and prosperous adventures. How apt!

Strawberry Quartz for Love and Protection

To help me reflect on my feelings of happiness, I used a beautiful piece of Strawberry Quartz to meditate with. I felt protected with no element of fear when going beyond my childhood trauma. They do say that crystals used in meditation doubles the healing energy and I agree. I get so much from my crystals.


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